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Special Pricing Schedule - per JOB
Special Pricing Schedule - per JOB

Special Pricing Schedule - per JOB

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This document explains how Special Pricing Schedules are created per Jobs.

WMS Professional/Enterprise Edition products support Special Pricing By Customer By Deliver To cards. In order to set pricing for a Job the WMS uses the Customer Delivery address.

Detail Steps

How to setup different delivery cards for Customer:

  1. Go to MYOB and create separate customer cards based on different Delivery To address.

  2. Setup Special pricing Schedule (SPS) as usual under each delivery card.

  3. Go to MYOB and perform Maintenance replication if SPS setup in MYOB.

​How to turn settings on for SPS per Job:

  1. Logon in WMS as superuser.

  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Sales Tab.

  3. Select ''Use Deliver to: Prices if available''.

  4. Record Preferences

How to select SPS per Job for Sales:

  1. Create New Sale.

  2. Select Ship to: ''Another''.

  3. Select Deliver To card as your SPS per Job card.

4. Proceed with Sale as normal.


Datapel do not recommend to amend Special Price Quotes #Phone1 field in MYOB as this might affect reporting information.

Please consult your form/report developer before amending any information.

Related Information

This feature requires the optional Special Pricing module for WMS.

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