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Clearing Failed Mobile Sales From Re-Importing
Clearing Failed Mobile Sales From Re-Importing

Clearing Failed Mobile Sales From Re-Importing

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In cases where Mobile Sales continually fail to import the Sale XML file needs to be cleared from the PDA/…/Sales folder.


Note that the Handheld device name from where the failed Sale Order originated from and Sale Order number – these determine the name and path of the sale order xml file.


Detail Steps

  1. Open the WMS Explorer then select Preferences from the Tools menu.

  2. Click on the Adaptors TAB – note the path of the Remote Sales folder. If you have multiple PDAs, this folder will contain a folder for each PDA synchronized with the workstation PC.

  3. Log out of WMS and open an Administrator Login on the Server. Now using Windows file explorer – type in the path for the remote sales folder as identified by the WMS preference.

  4. You should now see the names of the Handheld devices as folders. Click and open the folder of the Handheld device with the failed order – then double click to open the SALES folder.

  5. If an Import of remote sales has already been performed, ANY FILE LEFT IN THE SALES FOLDER has been REJECTED. Check the filenames against the Sale Order numbers known to have been rejected. If a sale order number is unfamiliar, check the WMS Status Reporter for this order and confirm it was rejected by WMS.

  6. Select all the XML files listed in the SALES FOLDER – then press the DELETE key. Alternatively, you could CUT-AND-PASTE the files to an ARCHIVE folder for reference.

Related Information

Sales from the Handheld PDA arrive in the folder as per the Preferences/Adaptors setting. If a Sale continually fails to import (for example due to a duplicate invoice number), it needs to be moved out of the import folder and into an Archive folder.

The PDA synchronization folder will always be mapped to a Workstation on the network and NOT the server itself. This is because Microsoft ActiveSync is designed to work from a networked PC and not from a SERVER PC.

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