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Importing Check Ins
Importing Check Ins

Manually creating add inventory forms

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The following support note describes the steps to interface stock in / out movements that would normally be created manually through the Add Inventory / Remove Inventory forms.

Detail Steps

Using the Import Export function

The WMS uses XML files to hold all the information required to create a Check In or Check Out. Each XML file represents one Check In or Check Out with lines of stock.

Once a Check In/Check Out has been successfully imported from an XML file it will appear as a normal transaction in the WMS as though a user had typed in the details via the Add or Remove Inventory windows.

The following support note describes how the XML files should be formed and how they are imported into the WMS.

1. Go to Tools > Preferences > Handheld tab and locate Handheld Import Folder, put XML file in this folder.

2. Go to File > Import... Remote and select Check Ins or Check out.

3. The progress bar on the import dialog will move from 0 to 100% and on import completion will show the number of successfully imported files.

To check the system details of import the Status Report should be used.

Workflow Restrictions

An Import XML file MUST CONTAIN all the required tags in order to be correctly understood and accepted by the WMS.

An example Check In file is shown below.

Workflow Options

This feature is intended primarily for developers and requires access to the Database and Indexes. It is therefore recommended to discuss your requirements with a Datapel Consultant prior to using this feature.


Files are automatically consumed using the WaaS (WMS running as a service), any files in the Handheld import folder format CI-XXXXXX.xml will be consumed.

Please ensure the WMS Tools > Preferences > Handheld tab is configured with valid paths.

Workflow Restrictions

  • This procedure should only be followed by authorised system administrators or Datapel support technicians.

  • The Import Export feature is used to integrate the WMS with customised data capture systems. This is currently a DEVELOPER feature and not intended for general use.

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