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How to check if Breeze API is running and orders uploading
How to check if Breeze API is running and orders uploading

Checking Breeze API is running and orders uploading

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How to check if Breeze API is running and orders uploading


This document explains how to check if Breeze API is running and orders are uploading.

Detail Steps

Checklist to verify Breeze API is running and orders uploading

1. Verify DatapelListeningService is running (Task Manager).

2. Go to the Datapel Breeze server folder, check the config file for the username, password and URL to access the Breeze.

Workflow Options

  • Usually named as "Datapel Breeze Server" (example C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Datapel Breeze Server)

  • Config file is "DatapelListeningService.exe.config"

    Example config setting:
    <add key="primaryDomainURL" value="http://localhost:8181"/>
    <add key="maxThread" value="20"/>
    <add key="threadDueTime" value="300000" />
    <add key="masterWorkspace" value="workspace.xml"/>
    <add key="masterUsername" value="Datapel"/>
    <add key="masterPassword" value="DatapelWMS1"/>

3. Try to access the URL from the config file (Example: http://localhost:8181).

4. Go to Browser and enter in URL for Breeze server. It should show “I’m listening” screen.

5. Click Read APIDocs link > Go to Resources > Click TimeStamp > Try It > Click GET > enter Username and password – Click GET – verify returns the time/date of the server. This will ensure that the login credentials are correct.

6. Check the Data folder in "Datapel Breeze folder" and see if any Logs
(Example C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Datapel Breeze Server\data\logs)

7. Open import file location (can be found in config file or WMS under Tools > Preferences adapter tab.

8. Look if any order waiting, also check the archive folder if any processed today.

Workflow Restrictions

  • Once web orders are in the incoming folder, Task Scheduler will run and import the orders into WMS.

  • Once successful, orders will be inside the Processed/Archive folder.

9. Check Task Scheduler if running okay.

Workflow Restrictions

  • Look for Task Scheduler name, which has "Import."

  • If no Task Scheduler, it means users import manually (wms > file > import > sales )

How to check if Breeze API running

1. Go to Datapel Breeze server folder.

2. Open web portal test (info in the config file).

3. Click read apiDocs > Select Time Stamp under Endpoint > Time Stamp and > login (info in config file) and press run.

4. If it comes up with a timestamp, it means the API adapter running successfully.

5. Check Data folder in Datapel Breeze folder and see if any Logs.

6. Open import file location (can be found in config file or WMS under Tools > Preferences adapter tab.

7. Look if any orders are waiting, also check the archive folder if any are processed today etc.

8. Last check Task Scheduler if running okay.

9. Check-in WMS adapter settings, update to new files. Please check the if-archive folder there; if not, please create a new folder.

How to start Datapel Services

To start Datapel services, you must always run .exe as Administrator. If API not running properly, you get a log file in the Breeze API folder.

1. Verify DatapelListeningService.exe.config.xml settings are correct.

2. If you require public access to the service, firewall port settings will need to be changed.

3. Manually test the Listening Service by double-clicking the .exe and verify it opens in the system tray.

4. Right-click on the system tray to check Settings using the admin panel.

5. Admin panel requires the WMS Superuser password - NOT the API master user/PWD.

6. To test the service is working - open a browser - using the URL of the server domain, test the following:

(replace localhost with a specified domain if not localhost - prefix with https/http as per config)

7. If the page responds with the API, help your API service work - if not - check settings.

8. To complete the Service installation, see the section below about ''To Install and Remove the API Service.''

9. If DatapelListeningService.exe starts and repeatedly stops, the Service Account needs to be changed:

- Default is LOCAL SYSTEM ACCOUNT (and tick box to allow interaction)
- Next, try NETWORK SERVICE - this will require a restart

- Next, try the Administrator account

- Last setup a User Account to manage the API and remember to set all permissions required to run the WMS/ICXE applications. This includes SQL DB access rights.

- CONSIDER USING THE SERVICE WATCH application as an alternative - this can be set up as a windows scheduled TASK.

10. Start the service or, in the case of Service Watch - start the Scheduled Task (as admin)

*** To update the DatapelListeningService.exe ***

You must ALWAYS stop the Datapel Service AND/OR the Windows ServiceWatch Scheduled Task before trying to change the EXE.

***To Install and Remove the API Service:***

Double Click the DatapelService.EXE (C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Datapel Breeze Server\service or C:\Program Files (x86)\Datapel Systems\Datapel Breeze Server\service).

If the service is already installed, it will request UNINSTALL.

If not, it will ask to CONFIRM install.

Verify the exe.config.xml settings first to ensure the path to the listening application is correct.

*** For remote reports to operate***

first, run either CRRuntime_32bit_13_0.msi / CRRuntime_64bit_13_0.msi must be installed from the /setup folder.(C:\Program Files\Datapel Systems\Datapel Breeze Server\setup).

This needs ONLY to BE DONE ONCE per machine install.

Accessing Breeze

1. Client can access API via or the URL from config file example http://localhost:8181.

2. Click through to "Read API Docs."

3. Then, from the list of available endpoints, they can use the Try It option using the username and password in the config file example.

<add key="Username" value="developer" />

<add key="Password" value="passw0rd" />

4. They require the above username/pwd if they write their own tests.

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