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Installing WMS Mobility Server
Installing WMS Mobility Server

Installing Datapel mobility system

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The Datapel mobility system works via telnet, with a mobility server application installed on the Datapel WMS server and the PDA devices connecting via the Internet from your local Wi-Fi network to the WMS server.

For this to work, the telnet port (typically port 23) needs to be opened on your WMS server. This is typically frowned upon as port 23 is a vector for Malware, but this can be protected against by only permitting external connections via port 23 to your WMS server from specific IP addresses, like your warehouse’s. This would require your warehouse to have a static external IP address.

Detail Steps

Broad Requirements:

To enable PDA operation we deploy our .NET Mobility Server (console-app) that communicates directly to the WMS SQL Server instance.

There is a DATAPEL Product Installer - (InstallSheild package) - MobilitySetup.exe that must be done under admin level privilege.

Communications between the PDA device (Client side) is via TELNET protocol - as such we run a simple Telnet service within the Server environment.

We use the following - which again must be installed as admin and given sufficient rights - FYI - KTS

More recently – with Wavelink – for Session Persistence we install a product called ConnectPro (version 4.0) that "talks" to our Android Client PDA app.

We require a "mobility" user profile and password that has access to local server resources - we can use existing sql authentication to access the sql server.

Server Specifications:

There is no significant overhead or load for a 3 - 5 user scanning system - so the Windows operating system minimum requirements should be sufficient - we always recommend 1 core per user as a rule of thumb. The “heavy lifting” is done by the SQL Server – with the prior “rule of thumb” holding.


Using ConnectPro we have the option of SSH and or SSL - however - securing the MAC addresses of the local devices and using local network (VPN) will minimise any external threat. Our default configuration will be PORT 23 internally - but for ConnectPro Port is 4430.

We can also enable basic transmission encryption between the Client and ConnectPro proxy. Given no sensitive information is passed over the line this level of security is sufficient for most installations.

1. Install Mobility Server - ensure connectivity to local resources and sql server as required.
2. Install KTS Server - ensure telnet connection and scripts operating using localhost - port 23 connection.
3. Install ConnectPro - ensure LAN/VPN access via port 4430.
4. Test public port connection via 23 for initial testing - then verify port 4430.
5. Disable port 23 (Firewall) - enable encryption on PDA device and use 4430 connection only.

Related Information

Please contact Datapel Support for estimated time to complete deployment. During deployment will require an onsite presence and devices (PDA) to be active.

Settings and configuration of the system is managed via config file in the Mobility install folder.

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