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Set up a default Printer for WMS
Set up a default Printer for WMS

Configuring a fixed default printer

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This document explains how to configure a fixed default printer for WMS other than the system default.

Detail Steps

  1. Browse to the WMS installation folder for example "C:/Program Files (x86)/Datapel Systems/Warehouse Management System" or "C:/Program Files (x86)/Datapel Systems/Inventory Controller".

  2. Open the file called "Workspace.xml" and note the forms (Multiple workspaces will have multiple workspace files).

  3. Go to the windows location where forms are stored.

  4. Inside the Forms folder copy the file named "UserPrinters.xml".

  5. Rename the copied filed to the same name as the form you wish to set the default printer for, for example "FRM_CustomSale.XML".

  6. Inside the xml file, find Microsoft Office Document Image Writer.

  7. replace Microsoft Office Document Image Writer with your default printer Name.

  8. Go to file > Save.

  9. Exit the WMS and login to receive the changes.

  10. In the WMS set the form to auto print by turning off any print with options settings.

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