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Cloud WMS - Back-up Recovery and Disaster Recovery Security
Cloud WMS - Back-up Recovery and Disaster Recovery Security

Backing-up recovery and disaster recovery security

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This article explains how backup and disaster recovery managed by Cloud WMS.

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1. What back-up recovery and disaster recovery security is there?

WMS has 14 day rolling backup. This means that Datapel support can restore and recover your WMS data within those 14 days. It is very important to contact and notify Datapel for any critical issue to recover and restore backup. Datapel continuously conducting disaster recovery testing.

​2. How often can back-up be performed?

Mostly database backups are performed daily (evenings). Host Server backups etc. settings, software, stored document file backups are performed weekly.

Please contact Datapel to discuss any additional backup requirements etc. keeping copies of backups locally on your server/PC.

3. If we require data retention (example, for 10,15 years), can you accommodate this?

Moving your WMS database to the cloud will not remove any existing data, we take your current database and move to the cloud.

WMS data is yours and a backup of the database can be provided to you at any time (the latest version of SQL would be required to access this data).

However should you wish to close your account with Datapel Systems, once the data has been confirmed as returned (etc. to your local server successfully), Datapel destroys any duplicate copy of your company database and any related files.

​4. Do you have multi factor authentication?

Yes, Datapel support two factor authentication via:

Email - can be switched off if not required

SMS - if you add a phone number per user)

Google authentication - can only be setup after initial access is granted by another two-factor authentication source

More information Two Factor Authentication

In addition to this;

  • Datapel continuously conducting disaster recovery testing.

  • Datapel server are remotely monitored by a commonly used server monitoring system (auto restarts on any failures, alerts on server usage spikes, disk space), this system also limits any external access to the server directly.

  • Datapel software runs securely (Https).

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