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Print Labels from MS Word to a Zebra Printer
Print Labels from MS Word to a Zebra Printer

Print Labels from MS Word to a Zebra Printer

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Zebra printers are specifically designed to print labels, perfect when printing labels from MS Word and other word processing software packages.

Printing labels to a Zebra printer is not difficult, but it is essential to use the proper techniques.

Printing from Word also helps troubleshoot if you have a driver issue or other.

Detail Steps

  1. Open the door to the Zebra printer and carefully put the roll of labels into place. You should use Zebra brand labels for best results, but you may substitute Avery labels or another brand if none are available.

  2. Turn the Zebra printer on and print a test page to the printer. This will ensure that the printer and the computer are communicating correctly.

  3. Measure the labels that are installed in the Zebra printer. You will need this measurement to set up the labels in Word.

  4. Open Microsoft Word, click the Tools menu and choose Letters and Mailings from the menu. Next, select Envelopes and Labels and click the Labels tab.

  5. Click on Options and choose the label the same size as the labels loaded in your Zebra printer. You will see the size listed in the description of each label as you highlight each available choice. Once you have found the right size label, type your information, click Print, and choose your Zebra printer from the list of available printers.

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