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Making new sale entry in DataPos

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Important: This feature requires the optional Point Of Sale module for WMS.

The following workflow describes how to make a New Sale entry in DataPos.

Detail Steps

Step 1: Open WMS.

Step 2: Enter username and password and press OK.

Step 3: Go to the Sales register.

Step 4: Shortcuts select “Start DataPos”.

Step 5: One-click on ‘’Start DataPos’’.

The screen will open in position as ‘’Make New Sales’’ and ready to make a sale.

To lock the DataPos screen, click F11 or at the right top ‘’Lock DataPos’’ and the screen will be locked.

To unlock the screen press F11 and retype the username and password and click OK.

There are two ways how to make sales:

  • Cash sales - if you need to enter details like customer name or delivery address you need to click on right hand ‘’Show more options’’.

Here you can type additional details for Cash customers or choose customers from the drop-down menu.

  • For Account customer sales, open on right hand ‘’Show more options’’ and click on the drop-down menu next to the customer field and choose the customer or click at the top of the screen ‘’Customer search’’ and lookup for the customer.

Product entry:

There are three ways how to enter/choose a product:

1. Scan product code.

2. Scan product batch serial number not accepted.

3. Manual entry of product code.

You can use the advanced search by pressing Ctrl + Enter or press at the top ‘’Stock search” and look up the product code or search by description.

Sales entry:

  1. Enter product units or if/and using scanner need to scan the product as many times as needed to get the right product units.

  2. Check the price or if needed enter/edit the price manually or click at the bottom ‘’Change value’’ and enter the new price and click OK.

  3. If need to apply a discount highlight the line and click at the bottom ‘’% Discount’’ and enter the % off discount or click on ‘’$ Discount’’ to apply the $ value and click OK.

Workflow Options

If you want to apply the discount for an order rather than each product then after you enter all products for sale at the right bottom you can manually enter the % or $ value of the discount.

When all products are entered choose the salesperson, referral course and shipping method. For Cash Sales shipping method will be ‘’Pick up’’ if no need for shipping.

4. When all products are on sale and discounts or price change have been applied (if needed) then we can proceed to payment.

5. Click ‘’Process Payment’’.

6. Choose the payment type and payment amount for this sale and click ‘’Receipt’’.

For example, if a cash customer order is $241 and he will give you $250. You need to enter $250 and the system will calculate the payment change.

7. If you have a till, the till draw should open.

Payment refund options:

1. Process DataPOS return from Sales register screen.

Once the DataPOS entry has been processed sale appears in the WMS Sales register screen.

Once you find your DataPOS sale you can process Return:

Open Sale > Select New Return Authority

2. Enter negative sales thru POS.
3. Recall the last sale and edit within the same day.
4. Park up to 4 sales and change if needed within the same day.

Using the DATAPOS with a cash drawer

Workflow Options

Cash drawers can come with a direct connection to PC or connection via printer.

Cash Drawer Only

When a cash drawer is connected directly to the PC/Server/Network (not via a printer) the force drawer open functionality is set within the WMS.

  1. Go to Tools > Preferences > POS tab.

  2. Select correct port.

  3. Select "Always open cash draw on sale record".

Printer with a connected Cash Drawer

The printer settings need to be setup to open the cash drawer, not within the WMS.

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