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Velocity scanner - Blank screen Error
Velocity scanner - Blank screen Error

Blank screen Error: Reinstall Velocity Scanner

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This article explain how to reinstall Velocity scanner.

Problem: User clicks on Velocity icon > Click Host Profile > Click Native Mode > No login screen > only black blank screen.

Detail Steps

1. Check whether device connected to wireless by verifying it has gotten the same IP segment (example: 192.168.x.x)
- Setting > About > Status > IP Address
- Setting > Apps > Veloct > storage > Clear Data
- Setting > Apps > Veloct > storage > Clear Cache2. Uninstall Velocity APK
- Setting > Apps > Veloct > Uninstall

2. Reinstall Velocity APK (from Download folder).

3. Place WLDEP file (either from Download or backup folder).

4. Reset WLDEP file "Address -" , no connectpro.

5. Test login again, should be able to connect after.
- Click Velocity icon > Host Profile > Login

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