Sales Forecasting

Sales Forecasting

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This article describes the Sales Forecasting workflow in WMS.

Important Note

Sales Forecasting is a separate WMS add-on module.

Please get in touch with Datapel Sales ph 1300 132 082 or email [email protected] for more information.

Detail Steps

Sales Forecast

To plan Sales Forecast go to Tools > Forecast Worksheet (please note this option is only available after module activation)

Sales Worksheet will Open as per below.

To Edit/Update forecast, you can select Send to Excel, and after data update, import back into WMS.

From here, you can select Items or manage all items, sort items by Suppliers or show all Suppliers.

To Edit Sales forecast:

  1. Select Items.

  2. Add forecast data by double-clicking on the forecast line and adding Sales qty.

3. Click on Save Changes...

Data display options:

  1. Select to show Forecast data only.

  2. Select to show CLOSED Orders data only.

  3. Select both options.

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