Manual Backups

Manual backups for cloud

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The purpose of this document is to explain how to make a manual backup of your data.

The CloudWMS keeps off-site backups of your database despite routine backups conducted daily and stored for 14 days.

Workflow Option

  • This is highly recommended for users making large changes to data such as bulk imports or for those wanting to keep month/year end backups.

Detail Steps

1. Login as superuser ([email protected])

2.Go to Options > Preferences > Company Tab > Enter your email in Workspace Backup Recipient.

3.Click ‘Schedule Backup Action and Email Notification

4. If there is a new request, please confirm the Backup Request.

5. Next, if the Prompt ‘Backup Started’ then please click ‘OK

6. You will then receive a notification from [email protected] once your backup is scheduled.

7. You will receive a second email when your backup is ready for collection.

8. Select ‘Click to download’ from the email and the file is downloaded to your local computer.

Eg: DPLWMSSQLXXXXXXXXX-202303281700.bak

Workflow Restrictions

  • The backups are delivered by email in the form of download links.

  • The database is SQL based and stored in table-based formats, you will need an SQL viewing program such as sql server management studio to view the data.

  • Downloading a backup does not allow the software to be run locally.

  • The email links will expire after 1 hour so please ensure to download your data as soon as possible.

  • The backups are limited to 1 backup per day.

  • Available in WMSV12.1.227R1 onward

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