GS1 Barcode Scanning Setup
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This document explains Barcode scanning and detection of EAN to different fields, e.g. Item Number, Batch Serial, Expiry Date.

Detail Steps

Example of GS1 barcode:

(01) 14546951400269 (17) 220300 (10) K170051200

Setup is done in the EAN128Config.xml file

With the above example, there are three parts to the GS1 barcode:

  1. Brackets (01)

  2. Brackets (17)

  3. Brackets (10)

Each part (bracket) refers to the different Application IDs in EAN128Config.xml

Each part has its min and max digit length (example as below)

Workflow Restrictions

  • Setup EAN128Config.xml as per customer's barcode specification.

  • We need to use a barcode scanner to detect and break down the fields (it needs to go through the scanning engine). Cannot manually type in the numbers.

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