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Import TSV Purchase Orders
Import TSV Purchase Orders

Import TSV Purchase Orders

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This article provides the details on how to import TSV format for Purchase Orders (PO) into WMS.

Detail Steps

Steps to export Item Purchase orders from MYOB AccountRight Company File as TSV format:

  1. Open the required MYOB Company file as a SINGLE USER and select File > Import/Export Assistant > Export data > Next.

2. Select all required Data Type. Choose Next.

3. Choose Tabs - A tab-separated values (TSV).

4. Select “Include field headers in the file” > Choose Next.

5. Select ADD ALL *.

6. Export the file and save the file.

Steps to import TSV to Excel:

  1. Open Excel.

  2. Go to the Data tab.

3. Get Data > From File > From Text/CSV.

4. Choose the file.

5. Select Delimiter: Tab and select “Transform Data”.

6. Edit PO info if required.

Steps for Excel export to TSV:

  1. Go to File > Export.

  2. Select File type as Text (Tab Delimited).

  3. Save the file.

Steps to Import TSV file into WMS:



  • CREATE A BACKUP OF THE WMS Workspace before proceeding - you can not UNDO an IMPORT and will have to MANUALLY CANCEL PURCHASE ORDERS if the process fails or does not produce the desired results.

  • Select Workspace > Import > Remote > Purchases.

  • Choose a location where all open purchase orders will be applied if the file does not contain locations. Click Import Orders.

  • The TXT file will be read and checked for initial format errors - once verified, the import will begin and may take several minutes.

  • Once the import completes, a dialogue will display noting: IMPORTED XX OF YY REMOTE PURCHASE ORDERS.

  • Click OK, and the Status Log should open - if the total number of ORDERS and/or number imported are incorrect, review the information shown for error messages.

  • If the issues can be managed manually, make changes directly in WMS.

  • Otherwise, RESTORE THE BACKUP - take corrective action as guided by the Status Reporter and Try Again.

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