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Opening stock list report

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This article explains how to open Stock List Report. This report calculate the value of stock OnHand.

Purpose: This report shows Stock Cost Details by Batch Serial Numbers grouped by Item then Location and Bin. You can choose the valuation method based on your typical accounting processes, this includes; MYOB Based Last Cost, Average Cost, FIFO, LIFO stock costing.

Filters: All locations or just a single location can be selected for review. Other filters include Item Number as partial search and Bin.

Uses: To obtain a warehouse valuation by location and by item. This report can be used when valuing stock for End-Of-Financial year accounting processes.

Workflow Restrictions

  • The report can only be run as of current date.

  • The current report with the closest back dated stock valuation is the stock movement report which uses today's Unit cost figures x historic on hand Quantities.

Detail Steps

  1. To bring up the Report, select Reports > Stock > Valuation

2. Select Location or *Show All

3. Select Item or *Show All

4. Select Valuation Method

5. Select report Type : Detailed or Summary

6. Generate Report

Summary report example:

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