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Open Stock List Report

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This article explains how to open Stock List Report. This report displays all stock items by location and bin grouped by Expiry Date.

Detail Steps

  1. To bring up the Report, select Reports > Stock > Putaway Bin.

2. Select Location or *Show All.

3. Select Item or *Show All.

4. Select Supplier or *Show All.

5. Select Report Type: Summary or Detail.

6. Select Flag or *Show All.

7. Select Bin or *Show All.

8. Select a specific Bin.

9. Type Serial Number or leave blank.

10. Type Lot# or leave blank.

11. Select to include none-inventoried Items.

12. Select if you would like to include product barcodes.

13. Select to show all Zero qty stock groups.

14. Generate Report

Report example:

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