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Allocation Workflow

Explaining allocation workflow

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This article explains the Allocation workflow.

Allocation improves Stock Reserve function without Picking Stock for OnHold purposes.

Detail Steps

To turn on Allocation function:

1.Go to Options > Preferences > Inventory Tab.

Tick box for "Enable Order Allocation to Receive Available Inventory".

This function will create workflows for allocation.

2. Go to Options > Preferences > Security Tab.

Tick box for "Restrict Allocation to Available Quantities by Location". This function will not allow to over allocate available stock.

If this function is turned off then system will allow over allocate available stock.

New Columns available in Items List register:

  • Allocated

  • UnAllocated (optional)

    They will show total quantity allocated and unallocated based on All Locations/All Bins for particular Item.

  • OnShelf = Allocated + UnAllocated

Workflow Restrictions

Please contact Datapel Support to add optional column if not available.

New Columns available (optional) in Sales/Despatch registers:

  • ALC

    Green tick will indicate if Allocated or blank for UnAllocated Order/s.

  • AOK

    Order fully ready to be Allocated.

Workflow Restrictions

Please contact Datapel Support to add optional column if not available.

New Order Status available:

  • OPEN

  • ATP - Stock fully Allocated and ready to be Picked

    Green tick will indicate if ready to fully Allocate.

New "Allocated" Status on Items Details card available:

Open Item Inventory detail card > Analyse Tab > displays list of Allocated Orders.

Steps to Allocate stock:

  1. Go to Sales register.

  2. Select New Sales Order.

  3. Enter Customer, Ship from location.

  4. Select Stock Items and quantity.

    If stock was already Allocated, system will show Availability.

  5. Select NEW selection "Allocate this Order"

Workflow Options

"Allocate this Order" selection will calculate available qty to Allocate against the order.

  • If enough stock then order will be Allocated.

  • If insufficient stock then pop-up message will alert and indicate Shortfall quantities.

For example:


OnShelf = Allocated + Unallocated

1095 = 826 + 269

6. Select NEW selection "Allocate this Order".

Highlighted number in brackets indicates Shortfall quantity.

Sales register new column "ALC" will indicate if order Allocated with green tick:

Optional Order Allocation:

  1. Via "Set Order Status" selection.

To Allocate or/and Release Allocation via Sales and Despatch register:

Right click on selected order/orders > Set Order Status > select Allocate or Release.

2. Via Picking screen

To Allocate or/and Release Allocation via Despatch register > Picking screen:

  • Open Picking Screen > Select Pick Order.

If there's no free stock left to Allocate the Order as all stocks are already reserved, system will prompt Alert message:

On Pick screen, system shows total OnShelf availability.

Even if Line Status appears as RTP, you still might not be able to Allocate stock if no free stock is left to Allocate as all stocks are already reserved.

Workflow Restrictions

Allocation DOES NOT take into consideration:

  • Transfers (within same Location)

  • Transfers (between Locations)

  • Item Adjustments

  • Manual Pick/Pack/Ship of stock directly through the Despatch Module

    • Bypassing Allocation process (user can always manually override allocation)

Manual Pick or Split Pick don't work on Allocation workflow. Split Pick only looks at OnHold qty and doesn't check Allocated or Reserved stock qty.

Workflow Options

To prompt Allocation Alert order must be Allocated first.

Related Information

Allocation workflow available for WMS edition 9.1.160 and above.

Allocation on Mobility Server - don't have allocation function. Only if Order set as "Allocated" will be available to Pick on handheld.

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