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Deleting a Check In
Deleting a Check In

Un-receiving and delete a Check- in

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This document explains how to un-receive and delete a Check-In.

Detail Steps

  1. Select the Receiving Register.

  2. Search for your Transaction via the filters.

  3. Double click the order to review.

  4. Select the Undo Receive Button.

  5. Confirm by selecting Yes.

  6. Once processed, the order will be unreceived; you can enter the correct details and press record.

  7. If you wish to delete the transaction, select the Delete Checkin option. Ensure the received location is not empty.

  8. This action will completely delete the order.

Workflow Restrictions

Users can undo only stock available on the shelf; if one or more items are on hold, you will need to release the stock from hold before undoing the receival. It has already left the warehouse an investigation followed by a stock adjustment.

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