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Special Price Schedule - All Suppliers
Special Price Schedule - All Suppliers

Setup SPS for ALL SUPPLIERS and Individual Stock Code/s in WMS

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This document explains how to setup Special Pricing for ALL SUPPLIERS and Individual Stock Code/s in WMS.

This is available for customers on WMS 10 edition.

To start using WMS Supplier Special Pricing function in WMS please update Preferences:

  1. Logon to WMS as superuser.

  2. Go to Tools > Preferences > Purchases Tab.

  3. Find and tick the box for this field.

  4. Save Preferences.

Detail Steps

Create New Supplier Card in MYOB:

  1. Open MYOB.

  2. Go to Cards.

  3. Create New Supplier Card.

  • Card Type: Supplier

  • Designation: Company



  • Phone No 1: **DATAPEL RESERVED**

4. Open WMS.

5. Perform Fast replication.

Create New Special Price Schedule:

1. Open WMS.

2. Go to Receiving register.

3. Open Actions > select Special Pricing.

4. Special Price List screen opens.

5. Select ''New''.

6. New Special Price Schedule opens for editing.

7. Select the *ALLSUPPLIERS as Supplier.

8. Select all fields as required.

9. Record Special Prices.

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