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Tax Incl vs Tax Excl Price Storage
Tax Incl vs Tax Excl Price Storage

Differing from total invoice amount

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The following support note describes situations where the total invoice amount in WMS may differ from the total invoice amount calculated in Accounting software.

Workflow Option

The issue is that when the products are ENTERED in the Accounting software as TAX EXC and are being sold as TAX INC.

This is not usually a problem until you add discounts into the mix. The issue is that calculations work so that the discount is applied to a slightly rounded tax excluding price making the final Total Inc price close but not quite right.

Detail Steps

If you mainly use Tax Incl Invoice option;

The option that produces the best results is to set up pricing in the Accounting software as TAX INC, not Tax EXC; this is done on each item card next to the base selling price.

Update your selling prices to 4 decimal places, including GST.

or another option is to leave the above option OFF and;

Extend the Tax Exclusive price to a minimum of 4dcpl.

Related Information

If you use mainly Tax exclusive invoice mode, do not store your pricing as TAX inclusive. Most users store to a maximum decimal placing of 2.

If a unit sell price entered is within 2 cents of the base sell price in Accounting software, our system assumes a rounding error in the forward/backward calculation from the total price to unit pricing and corrects it to match the base sell price.

Datapel recommends updating your base sell price to a different price which is more than 2 cents different to any selling price you have for the items.

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