Picking Work Orders

Picking work orders

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This document explains how to Pick Work Orders.

Detail Steps

Select the Work Order from within the Assembly Register and from the shortcut action bar, click Pick Components.

The Stock Picking system within the WMS allows multiple Work Orders to be Picked at the same time. In this example a single Work Order is selected.

When WMS Orders are Picked, stock is ALLOCATED to the order and placed on hold; it is reserved and will not be allocated to any other Sale/Transfer or Work Order that exists in the system.

In this example, click Select All then Pick Components. In the previous screen shot stock batch BT-28112006 was allocated to the Work Order. It is possible to adjust the selection using the Manual Pick.

Once Picked, the Work Order and Component Pick List is allocated to an employee, printed and placed in a Ready To Process tray.

Once the Work Order is picked and built, the paper work is returned to the Warehouse Manager who confirms the Work Order and clears it through the MYOB Premier accounting system.

Additional Notes:

Mixing Batches

Assemblies by default do not mix different batches, lots or expiry dates as they are different stock records and if lumped together are not traceable.

For example, you are building 2 cars.

The motor chassis #s are 1 and 2

Airbags are batch 123 and 543

All other parts are not tracked

Sample Error/Prompt:-

Unable to allocate traceable assemblies

Would you want one final build number for both cars and not be able to tell which chassis and airbags went on each?

Having said that, there is an option called continuous allocation mode which will ignore this and group all together. This is good for things that you need to become one batch such as our example of fertiliser which is mixed all in one big vat, the final product is definitely a mix of all the batches and ingredients.

Tools > Preferences > Security, “Use continuous allocation mode for assemblies”

Why can't I pick from two batches on one line?

Prompt - You can not pick from multiple batches

There is a workaround for if you wish to use more than one batch on an assembly line and pick batches manually.

Add a new line with same details and Qty and line you are having trouble picking (you can attempt to change the Quantities on each line to what you require in total but sometime in the case where your minimum build QTY is greater than 1 this will not be allowed due to Fractional Quantity restrictions).

Auto Pick the assembly

Double click on each line for the item in question and reduce the pick Qty to match your real picked amounts, note that a message box will appear to advise of underpick, this is ok.

Quantities sent to MYOB when transaction is finalised will be as built (picked QTYs).

Why can't I Manual Pick?

Prompt - This action is not valid for the selected WorkOrder component

It is not available if you directly click "Manual Pick" option.
You need to PICK the assembly first (AUTO PICK), then you can "Manually override" the pick on a particular line by selecting a picked line and clicking this option "Manual Pick".

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