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Managing Consolidated Tax Codes in WMS
Managing Consolidated Tax Codes in WMS

Managing consolidated tax codes in WMS

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Consolidated Tax Codes are a combination of TWO or more TAXCODES applied to an item code when it is sold or purchased. As the use of consolidated Tax Codes are only for specific vertical industries (WINE or Luxury Car), support for this was not built in to the CORE WMS tax engine.

To support Consolidated Tax Codes, WMS uses some internal triggers and external scripts.

For information on setting up Consolidated Tax Codes see below link:

Detail Steps

Setting up the tax code description in MYOB.

The Tax code description must contain the FINAL %rate and be in the exact format as below:

Workflow Restrictions

The description MUST contain the % rate as (XX.X%) - the brackets are MANDATORY.

Required Script(s)

As noted WMS does not natively support the mapping of the Tax Calculation from GST to NONGST - so this is managed via a script as per the below example. There must be a handler for every Consolidated Tax Code.


' Passed as Global References by WMS

' "Connection", modMain.Connection

' "SaleOrder", as WMS CSale Object

' "ItemSale", objItemSale as DTMYOBFinancials.IItemSale

' "ItemSale.Lines", objItemSaleLine as DTMYOBFinancials.IItemSaleLine

Dim ItemLine

For Each ItemLine In ItemSale.Lines

If ItemLine.TaxCode = "GW" Then

ItemLine.NonGSTAmount = _

Round(CDbl(ItemLine.TaxBasisAmount) * CDbl(0.69212),4)

ItemLine.TaxBasisAmount = _

Round(CDbl(ItemLine.TaxBasisAmount) * CDbl(0.30788), 4)

End If


End Sub

Notice the overriding in the Highlight the Total Tax for the line is broken into GST and NON-GST proportions. This is currently "hardcoded" so if the TAX RATE CHANGES the SCRIPT MUST ALSO BE UPDATED.


Purchase Orders and Adjustments currently do not support consolidated tax codes - all information will appear correct in WMS - however - MYOB will show $0 for TAX.

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