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AccountRight Timeout Extender
AccountRight Timeout Extender

Extending Accountright timeout

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This article explains MYOB users why they are receiving time out message etc. converting PO to Bill or Running Reports, Converting Sales Order to Invoice.

Workflow Restrictions

  • Please note Datapel does not support MYOB and this info is gathered from MYOB support for your information.

  • Please contact MYOB support directly for latest advise.

Operation time out generally means the task took longer than allowed to finish the job, hence return with a timeout. It could be that the internet speed isn't optimal hence tasks are taking longer than needed to complete, or performing a task that involves large amount of data (especially if you have a large company file), the time needed will exceed the standard timeout parameter set.

Therefore, extending the timeout parameter (using timeout extender) or generating reports from an offline file (remove the internet speed factor) would help. You can follow the TimeOut Extender process if you are comfortable with it, make a copy of the original text file before editing it, so you can always place it back if needed. If you are not confident, then it would be best to seek help from an IT person.

Detail Steps

The Timeout Extender is simply entering a value into AccountRight's Configuration File and is only to be used if you are experiencing Timeout-based errors such as "Application Operation Timeout" or if it's at the request of MYOB Support.

As this does involve modifying a key configuration file for the software on your computer we strongly recommend that you get an IT Professional to assist you if you are unfamiliar with modifying these types of files. Any incorrectly configured files may cause AccountRight to crash further or simply not open at all. If the software begins to crash after a change was made to the config file we would ask you to either return the copy of the config file made, or uninstall and reinstall, then seek assistance from an IT Professional to continue further.

Do note that these configuration files are specific to each computer & version, if you install the next version of AccountRight this configuration won't be brought across. If you are experiencing problems that require the Timeout Extender to be in place you will need to set this on each computer, and version, that you are using.

201X.X refers to the version of AccountRight you are using, not an actual folder named 201X.X

  1. Close out of AccountRight.

  2. Locate Huxley.Application.exe.config file. You can find this by right clicking the AccountRight icon on your desktop and choosing "Open File Location" to bring up the same folder.

  3. Select the file Huxley.Application.exe.config, and make a copy of the config file before continuing, as incorrect changes can prevent AccountRight from opening
    Right click the config file, select copy. Then deselect the file, right click and choose paste. This will create a copy.


  4. We now need to modify the original config file called Huxley.Application.exe.config.

    You will need to right-click and choose open, edit or open with.
    If open with, select the program notepad to open the file, as in the screenshots below.

5. Update Config file

<add key="UserSessionTimeout" value="3600"/> <add key="TransactionTimeoutMinutes" value="60"/>

6. Restart all MYOB services.

7. Refresh Replication and Test.

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