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MYOB Rollover Procedure
MYOB Rollover Procedure

MYOB Rollover Procedure.

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Please note MYOB AccountRight Live is a completely different product than MYOB AccountRight v19 (Classic) and MYOB AccountRight Live will be not compatible with this upgrade.

Detail Steps

  • Perform a MAINTENANCE REPLICATION and Invoice all Shipped Orders from WMS to MYOB, receive all relevant stock orders, Create MYOB transactions for all closed assemblies. It is also a very appropriate time to perform stock reconciliation to identify possible stock errors caused by unsent transactions, however it is not required to proceed.

  • Always Backup your WMS Workspace and MYOB Companyfile prior to upgrading.

  • Make sure you reconcile the bank account to the 30th of June.

  • Make sure All Users are logged out of the MYOB program and WMS program - delete and LCK files that might exist in the Companyfile folder.

Proceed with Company file rollover as per MYOB instructions.

MYOB Payroll Year-end Rollover Procedure

You will not be able to start entering payroll transactions in July until you have rolled the payroll year over. However, once you have rolled the payroll year over you will not be able to print payment summaries. You should print the payment summaries before you roll the payroll year over, or you can use the prior year file we created above.
Once the payment summaries have been printed you can roll the payroll year over through File/Start a New Year.

MYOB Financial Year-end Rollover Procedure

You should not roll over the financial year until final tax entries for the current year have been received from the tax accountant and entered. Keep the “current year” as the previous financial year and just run reports for “Next Year” until the Tax Return has been finalized.

Before you roll over, you should make sure you get any tax entries from the tax accountant for the current financial year before you roll over, otherwise you will not be able to run any profit and loss reports for the new financial year. To actually do the rollover go to File/Start a New Year/Start a new Financial Year.

  • Replace your old MYOB Companyfile with the Rolled over Companyfile with exactly the same file name and path.

  • At this point another full backup of the MYOB datafile is recommended.

  • If wanting to use a new name or location ensure you update the path in WMS. Log into WMS as “Superuser” Go to, Tools, Connect Configuration. Select MYOB path. Avoid using mapped drives, the full path is best.

  • MYOBs ODBC driver requires full access to the company file folder, the easiest way to provide this is to allow the “everyone” user full access to the folder and database files. For more information please contact MYOB Support. If you are unsure the best thing to do is to exactly copy the permissions from your original folder and database.

  • Rename or move the old MYOB file to ensure user do not log into the wrong company file.

  • Click on your desktop shortcut to start your MYOB AccountRight and verify the new version opens your rolled over file. If it does automatically open the correct file please ask your IT administrator to alter the shortcut for all users desktops. Target example = C:\Premier19\wms-myob.exe "C:\MYOB\Company.myo". Avoid using mapped drives, the full path is best.

  • Test your MYOB replication by sending a sale invoice to MYOB or by performing a maintenance replication.

  • If connectivity between WMS and MYOB is lost please contact [email protected].

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