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MYOB UPGRADES (Short Version)
MYOB UPGRADES (Short Version)

MYOB Upgrades

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It is recommended you review our full instructions on upgrading your MYOB file and MYOB full instructions prior to upgrading.

This is a short instruction of upgrading your MYOB Application.

Detail Steps

  1. Back up MYOB and WMS, ensure no one is using either system and no scheduled invoicing tasks are set to run at this time.

  2. Install the new Version of MYOB onto your server (not your local machine).

  3. Upgrade your MYOB company file. It will create a new company file, we recommend that you move this file into the same area where you kept your old file as this has been set with the permissions that server users and WMS requires, it is also preferable to keep the same company file name (Rename the old file (.myo and .box), then copy and paste in the new files and rename back to the original company file name).

  4. Login into WMS, it creates a required icon to make MYOB compatible with WMS when you log in. Log out of WMS.

  5. Right click on the start menu and select explore, navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop (or Public or default for newer versions of windows).

  6. Delete the new MYOB icon in this folder it will cause you connectivity problems if you use it.

  7. In here you will also find an icon pointing at wms-myob. Right click on it and select properties, the last part of the target will be your company file name, change this name to the new MYOB file name if you have created a new name. If you move the curser left you will see the name of the MYOB you were on previously, following the format change the name of the MYOB in the short cut to the new MYOB ( e.g. C:\Premier19\wms-myob.exe “\\Server\MYOB\Current\MyBusiness.myo”). Select apply and test the Icon from your desktop.

  8. Repeat these steps for the same icon in this folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\MYOB….

  9. The last step is to change the MYOB company file name in the connectivity configuration of WMS (This is not required if you have kept the file in the same Location with the same name).

  10. From within WMS select from the toolbar Tools, Connect, Configuration.

  11. Select the company file location, save changes.

  12. Log into MYOB and WMS, Test Replication and invoicing a sale to MYOB(Check the sale is in the new MYOB file). If either fails please contact Datapel ASAP.

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