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Console - Stock Count - Bin Audit - Resume Counting
Console - Stock Count - Bin Audit - Resume Counting

Stock Count - Bin Audit - Resume Counting

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Resume counting when Stock count Bin audit variance is found. Resume counting only takes place if a user found an item count in the bin that doesn't match and have some variance.

Detail Steps

Important Note

The steps below are the steps required to perform a typical Resume Counting Console Workflow. You may find your workflow is slightly varied.

i.e. one or two steps missing, order of steps slightly varied.

Step 1. Turn on the handheld and from the Console Menu Select option 0. Stock Count.

Step 2. Select 3. Bin Audit

  • Press 0 to return to Main Men

Step 3. Select 2. Resume Counting.

  • Press 0 to return to Main Menu.

Step 4. Enter location no. in the Option.

  • Press 0 to return to Bin Audit screen.

Step 5. Key in a Bin Number or Scan Bin Barcode as the put away location.

  • 0 key returns to the Main Menu - Return to Step 3.

  • “*” is used as a default Bin Location - if there is no Bin Location assigned to the item Press Enter.

Step 6. Key in item number or scan item barcode number.

Step 7. Key in Serial/Batch number or Scan Serial/Batch barcode.

  • ”~” is the default batch/serial number - Press enter if the item it not using batch/serial numbers.

Step 8. By Default the Quantity is set to the value of 1;

  • If Quantity value 1 is true press Enter to confirm.

  • If Quantity value 1 is false and needs adjusting go to Step 9.

Step 9. To Adjustment the Quantity – example qty 2 > enter .2 and press Enter.

Step 10. To Confirm the Quantity is correct – press Enter.

  • Pressing 0 returns to audit screen.

Step 11. To Confirm the Quantity is correct – Press the left arrow button.

  • Press Left arrow (Yes) to double confirm quantity.

  • Press Right arrow (No) to edit the quantity.

Step 12. Key in/Scan barcode number to continue with audit Steps 6 to 9.

  • Press 0 Key to go back Audit screen .

  • Press . to Complete or exit (step 13).

  • Press Enter to use the same Item again ( when you have different serial number for same item).

Step 13.

  • Press Enter Key to Confirm.

  • Press Esc to go screen Step 9.

Step 14. Press Enter If msg "Count Variance Found !!" . Go to step 17.

Resume Recount

Step 17. Press Enter to End Audit.

Step 18. Press Enter to proceed with Bin Audit Recount.

  1. Press Enter to continue with different user terminal id for the recount.

Step 19. This will bring to screen from Steps 6 - 14 to complete the count. Press Enter to End audit (either Match/variance found!)

Step 20. Press ESC to exit the session and to resume Count later if still found count variance . Proceed with Step 21.

  • Press Enter to Post Edit if you Confirmed the count and proceed closing this audit.

Step 21. Press Enter to continue.

Step 22. Enter 2 - Resume Counting.

Step 23. Press Enter to count.

Step 24. Enter barcode for recount and repeat steps 12 - 14.

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