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Mobility - Transfer-Bin Refills - Urgent Bin Refill
Mobility - Transfer-Bin Refills - Urgent Bin Refill

Refilling transfer bin from Mobility

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Mobility transfer will create a closed Transfer Order within the WMS “Despatch Register” for the Location that goods will be transferred FROM (Source Location) and To (Destination Location).

If creating an open Transfer Order in the WMS “Transfer Register”, the goods will be transferred To (Destination Location) via Mobility Transfer.

Workflow options

The shipping warehouse may need to complete the transfer within either the respective registries or the Velocity Despatch Menus; this will depend on your workflows and preference settings

Detail Steps

Step 1: Turn on the Velocity and from the Mobility Home select option “Transfer”.

Step 2. Press the Bin Refills button.

  • Press Main Menu to cancel and return to Mobility Home.

Step 3. Refill Menu.

  • Press Urgent Bin Refill > Go to Step 4.

  • Press Main Menu will return to Step 2.

Step 4. Select a number of your refill location.

  • Press options 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to select refill Location.

  • Press the Exit button to cancel and return to Refill Menu > Go to Step 3.

Step 5. Processing/Checking the refill locations > Go to Step 6.

Step 6. Displaying item and bin details which is allocated into a different bin slot.

  • Press the Next button to view the following item and bin details.

  • Press the Previous button to view the foregoing item and bin details.

  • Press the Done button to cancel, and it returns to Refill Menu > Go to Step 3.

  • Press the Item Search button; it jumps to Item Search (It is not available yet).

Related Information

“BIN:” Bin Location. * is set as default bin. Used to represent items without a Bin location assigned.

“BRN#:” Refers to Batch/Serial Number. ~ is set as the batch/serial default. Used to represent items, not batch/serial tracking.

“GTIN:” Barcode Number.

“SRC:” Source Location

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