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Creating Transfer Orders
Creating Transfer Orders

Transferring stock bin from one location bin to another location bin

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Transferring stock from one Location Bin to another Location Bin is a common workflow for Multi-Location businesses.

Detail Steps

1. Select the Transfer Register.

2. From the Shortcut sidebar, click New Transfer Order.

3. The Transfer form requires from and to locations. Use Perth as the From Location: and Melbourne as the To Location:

4. Choose Item Water with quantity 5, then select Record Transfer. A Transfer Advice will display.


For internal Transfers, the From: and To: locations are the same. By setting up Default Putaway Bins the TO BIN will automatically be updated if the item has been assigned to a Bin location. Create a Transfer shipping method for internal stock movement.

Transfers promote good stock movement practices and assist with stock being accurately assigned to Locations and Bins.

The Transfer form behaves in a similar manner to the sales form; however no price information is displayed. As for sales, items can be selected from the โ€œLocate Stockโ€ popup form by pressing Ctrl + Enter in the ITEM NUMBER grid cell. This function can be used to select multiple stock groups.

Once a Transfer is recorded the transfer order lines and general details can be updated, removed, or added in a similar method to sales order lines by right clicking over the transfer grid rows.

Paste From Clipboard

Ability to paste from Clipboard into the Stock ReOrder form.

Must be in the following columns (no header required):

650 10 AA 1222323878 BB

Or direct from Excel: Copy and paste 3 columns side by side.

If using the "Analyse in Excel" option you would need to re-arrange the columns or make a new sheet with just the three columns.

When ready to paste select "Paste From Clipboard"

What to do if Batch Serial Number was not recognized?

When creating new Transfer Order, leave the Batch Serial number as asterisk *

Then, at the Despatch Register, scan the Batch Serial Number during Picking and it will auto select the respective batch number.

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