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Quick Stock Transfer
Quick Stock Transfer

Transferring Stock from Location to Location or Bin to Bin

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This document explains workflow for Transferring Stock from Location to Location or Bin to Bin.

Detail Steps

  1. To move stock between Locations use WMS Explorer Transfer Register and click New Transfer.

  2. Select the Warehouse Location from where the stock will be shipped From then select the Warehouse Location where the stock will be shipped To:

  3. Select the Shipping Method – for internal Transfers just select TRANSFER or NONE depending on your setup.

    Check the User name is correct in the Transferred By: selection.

  4. Press Enter to select first item code to transfer from the pop-up list.

  5. Check the Location filter has the Warehouse where stock will be picked from selected. If the Location filter is not shown click Advanced to show filters.

  6. Check the Quantity available and select the item from the list by Double-Clicking the item record, the Transfer form will now update.

  7. Enter the Quantity leaving all other entries as *, set Batch-Serial to ~ or Serial# of the stock item you are transferring.

  8. Repeat from Step 4 for each stock item that needs to be transferred.

  9. Press Tab or click in the Comment field to add any additional Transfer Notes.

  10. Click “Quick Transfer” for internal or Bin-To-Bin stock transfers; When Transferring stock between branches select “Record Transfer” and complete the Pick/Pack/Ship (Detailed Stock Transfer) workflow.

Related Information

There is a preference that forces Transfers of Items between locations to be received via the Receiving Register.

Receiving Transfers assists in creating a clear audit trail of items leaving one location and arriving at another.

Receiving Transferred Goods creates a check point that insures all goods that were In Transit are accounted for on Receipt.

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