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The Help menu is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, containing the following commands.

Detail Steps


What it does


Starts the QlikView help.

Using Help

Gives some useful advice on how to use the QlikView help.

Show Start Page

Shows the start page each time QlikView starts. If the start page should not appear when the program starts, deselect the Show Start Page When Launching QlikView check box.

QlikTech on the Web

Opens up further options that redirects to the QlikTech home page.

QlikView Update...

Opens the QlikView Update dialog from which it is possible to make QlikView contact the QlikView update server to see if any program updates are available.

License Update...

Opens the License Enabler File Editor dialog where the user can review or edit the License Enabler File.

Document Support Info...

Opens the Document Support Information dialog, displaying a list of support data pertaining to the active document.

About QlikView...

Opens the About dialog which displays the QlikView version, serial number and owner name.

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