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The Window menu is a drop-down menu at the top of the screen, containing the following commands.

Detail Steps


What it does


Will arrange windows so that they overlap.


Will arrange windows as non-overlapping tiles.

Arrange Icons

Will arrange icons at the bottom of the window.

Available Documents

Opens the Available Documents dialog, displaying an expanded listing (beyond 10) of open QlikView documents and providing additional document information. Selecting a document makes it the active window.

Available Documents

This dialog can be used for switching the active document when more than ten documents are open at the same time. Select a document in the list and click on Select to make that document the active window.

This dialog also contains a wealth of support information that should be reported whenever problems are experienced with a specific QlikView document. The columns are:




The name of the .qvw document. If Show Full Document Paths at the bottom of the dialog is checked, the document name will be given with its full file path.


Local (document opened on local computer) or Remote (document opened on QlikView Server.

Client Build Number

The build number of the QlikView client.

Server Build Number

The build number of QlikView Server for remote documents.

Client NT Name

The Windows NT authenticated identity of client user when connection is made with NT authentication.

Saved in Version

Full information about the QlikView version that was used the last time the document was saved (available for local documents only).

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