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Microsoft Edge Authenticator Setup
Microsoft Edge Authenticator Setup

Microsoft Edge Authenticator Setup

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This article explains how to setup Microsoft Edge Authentication as part of Two Factor Authentication for the WMS Cloud Environment.

Two Factor Authentication is Highly recommended to secure your data.

For more information, watch the video below by tapping Two Factor Authentication button.

Detail Steps

We are able to provide the Superuser MS Edge auth setup key verbally and/or add the main superusers phone number for Authentication.

Download the Microsoft Edge Authentication Application on your device (Our recommended option is Microsoft Edge authorised app add-on:

This puts an icon on your MS Edge toolbar that when clicked on gives you the latest code.

Add the code to your application to receive a new key every 30 seconds.

Go to installed Extensions and make sure the app is turned ON.

Select Details and turn ON “Allow access to the URLs”.

How to add 2FA codes?

Go to Toolbar > click on Authenticator extension

Select pencil to Edit.

Click on + to “Add Account”.

Next, select “Manual Entry”.

Name issuer as your site name e.g. WMS

Enter 2FA code under Secret.

Secret is referred as "Google Auth setup key"

Select OK to Save.

We are able to disable Email authentication codes. It is recommended to setup MS Edge Authentication for all users then contact us to turn off email authentication or setup an auto email filing rule for these emails.

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