Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

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This document provides a list of available keyboard shortcuts.

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Keyboard Shortcut



Add Notes to Sales Orders >Notes Tab (Applies to Sales and Despatch registers)

Shift + F12

System Audit Report


Reset All Filters

Ctrl + F12

Refresh System

Ctrl + D

Drill to Source (e.g. open sale in despatch)

Ctrl + A

Exports current register view as csv file

Ctrl + H

Stock Register

Ctrl + I

Stock Adjustment Order

Ctrl + J

Jump to Order (switch between registers and locate the matching transaction)

Ctrl + L

Locate Inventory

Ctrl + F

Locate Customers and Suppliers Card Details

Ctrl + O

New Sale Order - from Sales, Despatch and Assemblies registers

New Purchase Order - from Receiving register

CTRL + 6

Quick Scan

Available in some areas only to access a window where a barcode can be typed in rather than scanned only.

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