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MinLevel Alerts

MinLevel Alerts Report

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MinLevel Alerts Report displays all items that are Out-Of-Stock or Under the minimum holding level.

Detail Steps

In order to generate the MinLevel Alerts report, go to Reports > Stock > MinLevel Alerts….

  1. In the Stock-Out by Item Totals Report screen, select the Report Set (Custom Sets).

  2. Select the location or show all locations.

  3. Select the item/s or show all items.

  4. Select a supplier or show all suppliers.

  5. Select the Alert Level.

  6. Select the report between being detailed or summary.

  7. To generate the report, click Generate Report.

    WMS will display the report as below.

Selecting *All Locations will display Accounting software min/reorder level quantities.

Selecting specific *Location will display the min/reorder quantities set at the location in WMS.

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