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Turn ON and OFF LOT numbers
Turn ON and OFF LOT numbers

Turn ON and OFF LOT numbers

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This article explains how to turn ON and OFF item LOT numbers.

A lot is a batch of products made or collected into a distinct or uniform group identified by a shared lot number and managed separately in inventory.

Usually, all items in a given lot share something like production date, production variation, or expiration date in common.

Detail Steps

LOT numbers can be turned ON and OFF.

However, existing lot numbers will remain in the system, although mostly not visible.

1.Log in WMS as superuser ([email protected]).

2.Go to the Options Preferences Inventory tab and check or uncheck both “Track Split batches with Lot#” and "Allow LOT# Edits".

3.Record Preferences.

Workflow Option

Existing items that are already LOT tracked will still have the lot number, they will not be affected.

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