Invoicing and Closing Sales

How to Invoice and Close Sales Orders

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This article explains steps on how to Invoice and Close Sales Orders.

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How to Close and Finalise a WMS Sale:

  1. Go to Despatch register.

  2. Select your preferred Sale or highlight multiple.

  3. Right-click and select “INVOICE SHIPPED SALES.

  4. Click OK to Continue.

5. WMS will now communicate (Replicate) with Accounting software and transfer any SHIPPED Sales Information directly into your accounting system.

If problems occur, the user should review the Audit Report from the Tools menu.

ALL SALES with a status of Shipped will be invoiced. WMS will list the sale order as CLOSED.

If you review the Accounting software Sales Register, a new Order will appear and containing the WMS Sale Order details.

Once an Order is CLOSED in the WMS, it can not be “re-invoiced” or modified in the WMS. A duplicate of the original order can be re-send back to the Accounting system if needed.

How to Re-Send CLOSED Sale to Accounting system:

Step 1: Go to Sales Register.

Step 2: Select the Sale.

Step 3: Drill to Sale or double-click to open the sale.

Step 4: Select ''Create MYOB Order''.

Step 5: Message will appear to confirm this action, click OK.

Step 6: Check the Sale in the Accounting system.

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If you don't want to process the sales manually, a scheduled task can be set up to run overnight.

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