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Updating Closed Sales
Updating Closed Sales

Updating a sale price after a sale has been closed

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This document explains how to change a sale price after a sale has been closed in WMS.

Detail Steps


1. Open WMS with the superuser account or any account with privileges to alter pricing on closed sales. (This is set in the user management section, quoting and sales orders “Allow price edit on Closed Sales” as well as other privileges that contribute to this function such as the ability to view sales.)

2. Find the sale order you wish to update in the sales or despatch register.

3. Double click to open or alternately if accessing from the despatch register, right-click and drill to despatch.

4. The two columns, price and discount, should be white; alter the prices as required.

5. Select update sale order.

6. Re-Send to Accounting if required.

Workflow Reminders

Updating the price in WMS after a sale has been already sent to the Accounting system will not be auto-synced. User can resend the Sale from WMS or adjust the sale manually in the Accounting system.

It is recommended that if the invoice has already been sent to the customer showing the incorrect pricing or if a quantity or item number is incorrect, that credit and new invoice be raised in WMS.

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