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Creating and Updating Locations
Creating and Updating Locations

Creating and Editing an existing location in the WMS

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This document explains how to create a new or edit an existing location in the WMS.

Detail Steps


  1. Create a new Supplier Card in Accounting System.

  2. The name of the card can be any name you like; however, we recommend you start the name with a common thread such as "LOC-" to group all the locations in your Accounting system file.

  3. Set the Card ID. This is the name you will see in the WMS drop-down list, for example, "COLDSTORE" or "NSW".

  4. Enter the Warehouse address and contact details, including a contact name. The location will not be created without it.

  5. On the details tab, select identifiers and Set the β€˜L’ identifier. This lets the WMS know it is a Location, not just a Supplier.

  6. Perform a maintenance/detailed replication, and the process is complete.


  1. Open the Supplier card in the Accounting system, the card identification can be searched in the card file.

  2. Edit Address, Contact, Phone numbers, Card Name and other details as required, ensuring the L identifier, card ID and Contact is not removed.

  3. Select OK to save

  4. Perform a maintenance replication and the process is complete.

For Xero location setup access here Setting up Locations with Xero .

Workflow Restrictions

  • Location cards should never be deleted, they may however be hidden from users and disabled in the WMS in the tools, locations, manage details menu.

  • Note that BINS are not created within the Accounting system. These are managed from the WMS.

  • A contact name and Identifier of "L" is compulsory.

Workflow Options

  • For location to work in WMS, it needs minimum of the Street address and Contact to be filled up.

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