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Cloud WMS Email Templates

Creating Cloud WMS Email Templates

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Cloud WMS now supports customisable e-mail templated directly from Cloud WMS.

This functionality is User-based. Each user can create and manage their templates.

Please contact Datapel Support if your version doesn't support this.

Detail Steps

  1. Open WMS

  2. Navigate to the required document in WMS. For example, you can e-mail an invoice or packing slip from either the sale or despatch menus, select the required sale and click the attachments tab or the manifest tab.

  3. Right-click on the required document.

  4. Select E-mail

5. New Email Message screen will Open

6. Customise the E-mail Body per your requirements. For example, add a logo, images, and new text.

7. To save your changes as a new template, select “ Add Template."

8. Name your Template and select OK to save the changes.

9. Next time you e-mail attachments, you can select saved templates from the drop-down list.

How to remove the template

  1. Go to Email Templates > click on the combo > select the template you want to remove > then press Delete

2. Select OK to confirm the changes

How to save an email address with email Templates

  1. Open WMS

  2. Options > Preferences > General Tab

  3. Add From & Reply to Email Address

  4. Tick the box to Save from Sender Profile with Email Templates.

Workflow Restriction

  • The following fields can be auto-populated for signatures should your Std signature require these to automatically change per logged-in user.

  • Else each user can tweak their template after the std is deployed.


  • There are some fields that are variable fields. They must be in dbl square brackets.


  • When creating template, it is advisable to copy the template into your own custom template and it is best to use MS Word.

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