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Creating/ Updating Job in WMS
Creating/ Updating Job in WMS

How to create/update Job in WMS

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This article explains how to create/update JOB in WMS. This function is only available if WMS is set as your main JOB management source. All Jobs should be managed via WMS Only.

Workflow Restriction

Please get in touch with Datapel Support member to check and turn ON Prefs.xml setting <WMSAsJOBSource>True</WMSAsJOBSource>.

When using WMS As Job Source mode, Jobs are not sent with transactions to MYOB.

Customers who want to continue running Job reports from MYOB should continue to manage all Jobs via MYOB. WMS Prefs.xml setting should be set to <WMSAsJOBSource>False</WMSAsJOBSource>.

Detail Steps

Steps in WMS to create Job:

1.Open WMS.

2.Go to Tools > Manage Lists > Job Numbers.

The job list will be populated on the screen

3. To add additional details, you need to click "Show Details". This will activate additional fields.

4. Enter all required fields and press the "Add" button.

5. You can search Job Numbers from the box at the top #5. Example: Enter job number "1001" and press "Enter" or (...).

To Import/Export Jobs:

1.Select Export.

2.Save file WMS-JOBS.csv without renaming and changing the file type.

3.Make changes and Save.

4.Import Jobs.

Example file attached:

How to add Job in Sales and Purchase entry screen:

1.Go to Sales/Receiving register.

2.Open/Create Sale or Purchase Order.

3.Go to Job field.

4.Select Job from the drop-down list.


Press CTRL+Enter to prompt the Jobs Manage screen. From here, you can select Job or create new before selecting.

Workflow Restriction

  • While using the ENTER button to move from one field to another in sales entry, after you have selected a job number in Row 1 when you hit ENTER button all the way to Row 2 after selecting an item, the job number copies to the next line in Sales. This is a Standard Functionality.

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