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WMS update release notes
WMS 10.1 Series Update Release Notes
WMS 10.1 Series Update Release Notes

Updating Release Notes Series WMS 10.1

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10.1.110 Release June 2017

  • Fast replication for Item update issue resolved.

  • PO editing don't work if Item STD Buy price is $0.00. Issue resolved by removing restrictions.

  • Initial setup Step 3 > Purge Purchase > Replication fails due to Pref.xml issue resolved. This only effects BLANK MYOB files it will not be fixed in the series.

  • New MYOB WMS data file browser extension filter limitation corrected. Latest version of the File Dialog browser would not accept multiple extension filters. Removed this and replaced with *.*

  • [UDFS] Preferences no longer show UDF labels setup tab. Workaround is to ENABLE DATAPOS in the Prefs.XML > this will reveal the tab.

  • [Receiving] batch by line ignored corrected.

  • [Stock Reordering Assistant] purchase request to purchase order > date defaults to 1/1/2000 corrected.

  • On Order qty and Analyse tab On Order qty incorrect in v10 > issue corrected.

  • [MYOBAPI] Timeout is showing strange error message - corrected by adding new error message for communications error.

  • WMS 10 MYOB AccountRight Terms Mapping updated.

  • [WMS 10] Quantity OnHand Calculation Incorrect from CE Query > mapping corrected

  • Multi-Payments now working for Purchasing.

  • V10 can't activate rounding option 2 or 3 , tax figure in sale screen blank corrected.

  • [Replicator] v10 item cost mapping not complete > corrected.

  • [WMS 10] Create Purchase Order in Sale > Require to track Invoice No in Receive Module tag added.

  • First split PO uses original PO date instead of received date - Updated - added new preference option to set Bill Date as receive date or keep original date.

  • MYOB API Datapel connector log for sale order. Added line balancing code to Order interfaces.

  • Sale will reject if sale person do not have first name and/or space after first name corrected.

  • Create and add Result object before create and update script points in Stock Purchase.

  • V10 warning when you record split PO. User can now go back to a SPLIT Order and click SPLIT RECEIVE and create the backorder. This solves the issue of accidentally clicking Record - and having a split - and not being able to back order.

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