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WMS update release notes
WMS 11 Series Update Release Notes
WMS 11 Series Update Release Notes

Updating the Release Notes from WMS 11

Updated over a week ago

11.1.228 Release 24 April 2020

  • This is NOT a feature update – but is just an update for latest Connector fixes and DB improvements

  • New attachment import

  • Receive and Allocate

11.1.225 Release 16 January 2020

  • Multi-Currency Release for MYOB ARL

  • Ability to assign account for posting to Payment Method

  • DiscountByHost tag added to RemoteXML to allow Volume discount to remote price

  • more minor issue corrections for ID <> 0

  • [Schema] Update Database vPPY_POSPayments Missing Columns

  • [Schema] Billing and Shipping Address Not Showing

  • [Item Putaways] only shows 3 LOCS in Manage Lists > Item Putaways window

  • [Referral Sources-schema change] vRFS - View does not contain where Record ID < 0

  • [Terms replication] Single replication does not get supplier terms if <0

  • [Sale Import] Allows Purchase Number > 20 Char

  • [currency] does not match customer/supplier currency when processing a sale/purchase.

  • [Remote Sales] Allow new Tag <DiscountByHost> against Remote XML order pricing

  • [Currency] Enable Purchase and Sales ARL to writeback with Currency Codes

  • [Currency] Correct for MYOB change in currency Exchange Rate representation

  • [Replicator] Address not updated or fails to replicate - minor issue

  • [CardLegend] Setting currency code issue corrected for negative id

  • [Currency] General form issues with Currency Drop down due to -ve id

  • [Schema] New patch 234 supports view updates for -ve id corrections

  • [Replicator] Suppress Import of Sales and Purchases via script points

  • [Payment Accounts] Payment Methods can now be assigned to accounts other than undeposited funds or default bank account

  • [Currency] Added Currency Symbol to Exchange Rates dialog

  • [Currency] Disabled edit of currency exchange rate in Exchange Rates dialog - now managed by MYOB ARL replication

  • [Scripts] xmlMapping.SQL updated

11.1.220 Release 31 October 2019

  • RemoteSales XML import enhancements

  • Upgraded DLL for QR Code and Barcode rendering improvements

  • [WMSExplorer] Referral Sources not showing all options available in right click

  • [RemoteSales] SalesNote limited to 250 characters

  • [XMLSales] Address Parser needs bypassing plus State is inactivek

  • [SaleXML] Ability to REJECT DUPLICATE PO (Special2) order by order

  • [SaleXML] New Tag for CustomerDate

  • [Barcodes] Upgraded BarcodeWiz.DLL to allow QRCodes

11.1.219R2 Release 26 September 2019

  • MYOB_API timeout extensions

  • SPS contract only fix for percentage discounts

  • Default Comments from Customers/Suppliers now replicated thru API

  • [Purchase Billing] - Unable to bill Purchase when ship to card data negative 1

  • [Reports] NO Billed status shown for Purchase Report

  • [New WMS Customer] duplicated if user is not WMS admin level

  • [Forms] Work Order Advice Form Not Showing Updated Description

  • [Supplier Payments] Payment not found when trying to send it to MYOB

  • [Special Pricing] Always use customer special price uses group price if customer price is Discount based.

  • [API Timeout] - Please increase API response Timeout

  • [Reports] Sales Pivot Reports Not Showing Latest Data

  • [SPS Edit] - Change dangerous default cursor position on edit of SPS

  • [Purchase Billing] tax code N-T has negative guid - is replaced by GST (default tax code)

  • [Transfers Ship Method] - ship method always greyed out in transfers - cannot save transfer without it

  • [Terms replication] Maintenance Replication does not get terms where ID <0, single replication does not get supplier terms if <0

  • [Customers Comment] Does not load in comment field on new sale

  • [Replicator] On WorkOrder sync to Accounting FG costs not updating

  • [Comments Replication] Default Sale Comments not available or showing on customer selection

  • [export item prices] missing "I Sell" items when no WMS price is allocated against them

  • [Manifest] Forms and Reports for new installer

  • [Jobs] MYOB API now enables READ and WRITE of JOBS from MYOB

11.1.218 Release 25 July 2019

  • Special Pricing fixes to manage Contract Pricing

  • Replication of Address fix due to ChangeControl removal in ARLCloud

  • Special Pricing - When two exist for same customer not always selecting the best price/ dominic believes it should also choose card specific price first and then check customer group price regardless of best cost scenario

  • [Transfer Save] - Reference field entry size larger than DB field size fails to record with bogus message

  • [Purchase Billing] - Unable to bill Purchase when ship to card data = -1

  • [Special Pricing] When in use *ALLCUSTOMERS pricing is being used in purchasing instead of Last/STD costs

  • Where an item is forced inventory, default supplier is not showing in the item details window

  • [Special Pricing] - Imports not in order or original file, then if sorted on screen and try to delete item it fails

  • V11 address replication issue

  • Addition to Quick Scan = OPEN to ATP barcode

  • One loading existing purchase order date to use current date if not available in DB

  • [Allocation] On import attempt to ALLOCATE ONLY if stock Available

  • [Import PO request] It asks for an employee and a ship method now before being able to record as purchase order from request status.

  • [ImportSaleXML] Added new Script Point OnAfterCreate_Order

11.1.216 Release 24 June 2019

  • Merge of WMS10.2.181 features and fixes

  • Multi-Currency options and cosmetic enhancements

  • Additional Script points for implementation workflow customisations

  • other minor issue corrections for ID <> 0

  • This release is required for V11 improve overall MYOB AccountRight Live CLOUD integration performance and stability

  • See release 10.2.181

  • See release 10.2.180

  • v11 was taken Forked from 10.2.179

  • SPS for Purchasing issue, cant add items that are set as I BUY ONLY in MYOB

  • vOOL_ received quantity in v10 is stored in quantity not units

  • [New Cards WMS] do not replicate to MYOB successfully

  • [sql Password Storage] encrypted password required

  • [WMS_ON_REFRESH] - Enable script point

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