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WMS 1.7 Series Update Release Notes
WMS 1.7 Series Update Release Notes

Updating Release Notes with WMS 1.7

Updated over a week ago

Release 1.7.159

  • Despatch register detail speed update new Index on PDL_PickedLines.

  • Superuser will now DELETE sales when using canceling sales option.

  • Corrected Blind returns allowing the return to have a quantity of 0 - checks each line is not 0 and pops warning.

Workflow Restrictions

Security.XML has been updated and may require users to confirm access rights.

Release - 1.7.158

  • Adjustment send now checks all ITEMS are IBUY if not will refuse Sync to MYOB.

  • Adjustment now shows the LAST SYNC date in to top right of the adjustment screen.

  • Replicator Update for ADJUSTMENTS *NCI was not maintaining JOB code during replication.

  • Release Orders Menu Item moved closer to Quick Despatch for more logical function grouping.

  • Changed Shortcut in Sales for Card Legend to CTRL+F to make it consistent with WMS Explorer shortcut.

  • Added REPACK as new adjustment REASON code - (user request).

  • Selecting *NCI in side bar or as line item without side bar caused Adjustment to warn of problem then exit erasing changes - corrected.

  • Added option to IMPORT STF file into a Stock Count Session to avoid having to type in each count record.

  • Added new option in Stock Count Wizard to Sort Count tags by BIN or by ITEM NUMBER.

Release - 1.7.156

  • Up/Down Keys now work in BOM item selection.

  • Added Right Click option to show Item Details and Manual Pick of line - future development to include Release options.

  • Assemblies Pick form now defaults to ALL CHECKED to save a click action.

  • Assemblies PickStock shows - for noninventory and not internal MAXINT which was confusing.

  • CTRL+ENTER and ENTER was not functioning correctly when substituting items now defaults to correct characters.

  • Improved Double Click to Manual Pick response - was not selecting line correctly.

  • InActive Items showing in the Stock ReOrder Manager added filter to grid now forces suppression.

  • MYOB ReOrder MUST = 1 when using WMS Location ReOrder changed functionality to check all items when not using Master Levels.

  • Receive and Allocate has a misleading message - changed to reference Despatch Orders.

  • Manage Stock Group AUTOCHECK for OnHolds - OnHold/OnHand Updated no history correction via Manage Stock Group.

  • Multipayments options had changed functionality with introduction of POS - restored previous functionality.

  • Fix for Barcode Printing where Barcode does not match to a valid Item.

  • Kits Discount applied when a line is deleted for Kits without Header price.

  • Kits Header reference was being incorrectly assigned in ALL Kits on the form causing calculation issues - now corrected.

  • Initial KIT unit quantity does not initialise Line Units correctly.

  • Entering a 0% discount from 100% is a special case and was not initialised correctly.

  • Assemblies Line Status was corrected for NON-INVENTORY and OUT-OF-STOCK items with no historic records in WMS Explorer.

Release - 1.7.155

  • Minor issue for Access in PATCH 166 schema Sales Register - must reapply 166 for recent ACCESS only upgrades.

  • Replicator Sales Lines Order to be maintained despite different modes fixed issue with \c mapping to MYOB.

  • Fixed Location filter in Purchase Register referencing incorrect field.

  • Switched views in Stock Legend to use same as Item Register to improve look up performance.

  • Corrected update issue with BOM descriptions.

  • Purchase Line truncation to 255 added.

  • ReOrder Manager Item long description contains NEWLINE or FUNNY characters fails import corrected for NewLines.

Performance Update Release

  • Identified and removed redundant Connection CLOSE statements embedded in DTAdvancedInventory.

Explanatory Notes

What changed?


It appears as though the initial code template used to create the database to object interface

had an embedded CloseDatabaseConnection which has now been removed.

Why is this an issue?


It is generally not an issue - however it uncovered some problems - each close of the database commits transactions which in turn can effect some higher level actions with a fail state creating the OnHold issues we currently experience.

More importantly it adds an overhead to SQL Server and Access especially when connecting over a network.

Has this improved performance?


Yes - for example a 150 line sale was taking 10 seconds to load now takes 3 seconds to load - generally picking is twice as fast versions.

This change also reduces the load on the Sql Server and system wide performance should be improved as less connections are being established and destroyed.

Generally we can expect a 10-25% overall performance improvement.

  • Combine Orders fails when retain Cancelled Orders is selected - issue fixed now performs correctly. Note removed combined orders are not considered CANCELLED.

Release - 1.7.154

  • Merged ICXE Pick Engine updates to optimise the Release Order (UNPICK) now 3 - 4 times faster on average.

  • Replicator now reads BOM Purchase Quote description to allow line-by-line BOM descriptions.

  • PriceLevel with all ZEROs in first quantity break column ignored - now forces a replication of first break column and checks for $0.

  • Replicator was not removing deactivated pricelevel records for modified or deleted pricelevels - now removes all unmatched records.

  • Corrected Import STF issue for Lot 0 stock groups - this was returning Lot 1 Quantity then corrupting Difference Calculation.

  • Modified Stock CHECKOUT to skip the UNPICK of each line item if the quantity is unchanged. Optimises CheckOut Pick performance.

  • Added Operator User ID to SAL_OperatorCardID.

  • ReStock or Replenishment Report Views.

Added new View vDBQ_DefaultBinQuantity and vOBQ_OverflowBinQuantity

These two new views are for use with reporting and summarise Quantity in the DEFAULT(PICK) and OVERFLOW(BULK) bins and returns a single record per location to indicate the current Quantity in the BIN and the MIN/MAX quantity required for the Bin.

  • Schema Manager Update



Release - 1.7.153

  • Added new switch /IMPORT_SALES to trigger autoimport of XML SaleOrders

Workflow Restrictions

  • The new commandline switch is /IMPORT_SALES and will trigger a UI-less version of the FILE-IMPORT-REMOTE SALES option.

  • Default location MUST BE set in the SUPERUSER profile as this is normally updated via the UI.

  • Auto Pick MUST BE set in the SUPERUSER profile so imported orders can be auto fulfilled.

  • Ensure the scheduled task does not coincide with other background imports - datapulls should be ok.

  • It is recommended that frequency is kept to a minimum and does not overlap any ftp downloads - this avoids processing of partially imported files.

  • As a rule every hour should be reasonable - while anything less than 5 minutes should be avoided unless reviewed by Datapel first.

Release - 1.7.152

Completed Issues / Updates

  • Fixed issue with ReOrder calculation for MASTERLEVEL based calculations.

  • Optimised the Stock Reorder manager now up to 20 times faster due to improved filtering.

  • Fixed issues with Script Points and added additional parameters so custom ReOrder calculations can be made.

  • Minor fix to Replicator to revert back to 9 month (264 days) window for purchase replication.

Release - 1.7.151

Completed Issues / Updates

  • Updated the DataPOS RRP Price to show PriceLevel or SPECIAL PRICE amount for selected customer.

  • Minor update to DTCarrier.DLL to write consignment file as .PART then rename once writing is complete to readable file.

  • Fixed issue with ICXE/Standard Reports looking up SYSTEM.XML for Instance Name/IP this was getting overriden by REGISTRY.

  • Fixed issue with Transfer on * Bin to Putaway Bin.

  • Fixed issue with Use Default Putaway Preference for Receiving and Transfers impacting Bin lookup.

  • Add IsPOSale to Sale Table to replace the 'POS' in purchaseorder field and in related Sales/Despatch Register views.

  • Add PackDate to the Despatch register (AusLifting Requirement).

  • Add Login form to LOCK screen - a valid user name and password to unlock terminal - but will not change original logged in user.

  • Release the PurchaseOrder field into POS screen.

  • Replicator updated to post MYOB Default Location in sales orders against ISTOCK lines only.

  • View update to suppress all RECEIVED AND CLOSED purchase lines in the re-order calculations - view vOOL updated.

Release - 1.7.150

Completed Issues / Updates

  • Fix to ensure transfer wizard works with * to default putaway.

  • Added new ANY BIN… source selection in transfer wizard to allow bulk putaways for reassigning BINS.

  • Wizard now Orders by Item Number so limit of transfer lines can be managed by selecting alpha groups.

  • Fix to BIN search in Item Register now supports * (no bin) to show all unallocated inventory.

  • ReOrder location is now initialised automatically from Sale Location or from filter sidebar in Item Register.

  • Fixed issue with NEW ITEMS not appearing in Stock ReOrder form.

  • Functionality change - MYOB QTY ON ORDER and MYOB QTY ON HAND no longer used for reorder module.

  • Unit Of Measure fix for Location On PurchaseOrder in Item Register fixed - note this ALWAYS ROUNDS to nearest integer.

  • Minor fix in Stock ReOrder form to ignore checked lines that are blank.

  • Replicator Purchase Scan window to be 365 days not 9 months as currently set (hardcoded).

  • View update for Assembly Status update.

  • View updates for Location On Order taking into account UOM and Quantity Received vs Unreceived now consistent with Analyse Tab.

  • Removed convert PO to REQUEST on failed sync to MYOB.

  • Fixed issue with unmatched Purchase/Purchaseline IDs.

  • MYOB Default Location now posted Line By Line.

    New Prefs.XML



  • Rebuilt with updated BarcodeWiz.

  • Replicator MYOB SDK to accept Default Location by ItemSaleLine - ignore ItemSale header.

  • Adjustment Order form can now be edited by Superuser login with FormDesigner.

  • Modify DISCOUNT % to TWO DECIMAL PLACE at 0.05 or 0.00 to avoid strange rounding based discounts - base price is recalculated instead when total price is changed.

  • Cancelled Orders to be hidden using the HIDE CLOSED orders preference.

  • Added performance indexes to SQL to improve PICK and STATUS update timing.

    New Indexes on:

    SAL_PromiseDate, LIT_Status, LIT_BaseStockID, STK_LocationsID, STK_BinID, PKL_LocationID, PKL_Status, BST_IStock, BST_CustomList1

  • PoS Unable AutoComplete type on Customer name using the onscreen keyboard - Ship To Deliver To issue corrected.

  • PoS now forced to Single Payment method overrides the MultiPayment setting in preferences.

  • PoS print preview now suppressed from User Based preferences.

  • Added LostFocus event to card drop down to improve useability.

  • Stock Lookup/Legend Barcode search only working for CustomField#1 corrected to use preference setting and correct field.

  • Added Push to Search in stock legend for improved TouchScreen integration with PoS.

  • Added option to search * Bin and ~ Batch from stock lookup.

Deployment/Update Notes


The core control used to create barcodes has been upgraded to the latest version to address some print and control failure cases.

Preliminary testing indicates that the error checking and validating of barcode format has been tightened up - therefore some existing forms may fail and require adjusting or more importantly correcting for existing issues.

Labels.xml --- IMPORTANT!

The new version of the control has caused as change in the EAN13 code stored within the labels xml and requires the wizard to be stepped thru and the label updated otherwise a message similar to : UPC-E must start with 0 (zero) is displayed.

Release - 1.7.148

Datapel Point of Sale (PoS) Pilot Release. DataPOS is a new module available for WMS Professional and Enterprise providing a simple Touch Screen Point of Sale terminal interface that supports the following basic functions: Contact Datapel for more information or a demonstration.

POS Features

  1. Simplified Sale Order Entry for fast order processing with predefined customer, ship method and inventory location.

  2. Compatible with Barcode scanner, docket printer and cash draw. At this stage tested with EPSON TM-T20 and standard COM PORT based Cash Draw.

  3. Incorporates automatic rounding for Cash Payments with clear operator Change notification.

  4. Ability to add detailed Customer information and sale notes.

  5. Overall % or fixed dollar discount at PoS.

  6. Auto Allocate (Pick) of PoS sales on record.

  7. Supports WMS Special Pricing module.

  8. Separate Sale Form for Receipt printer stationary.

  • Resolved BOM Display issue with an InActive BOM causing review to fail of the active BOM.

Release - 1.7.145

  • CTRL+ENTER search from sale/transfer grid now passes only type characters to stock lookup for partial match - changed from autocompleted item number being passed.

  • Sales Line search now includes JobNote.

  • Right Click on Form Attachments HOLD SHIFT will include PACKING SLIP in EMAIL and in PRINT action as extra attachment and second print respectively.

  • Sales Report group now supports User Report Groups and included new clsSaleDocket.cls/FRM_SaleDocket.frm for POS receipt printing.

  • Reserved Stock is now shown in Manual Pick Stock form HIGHLIGHTED RED and can be picked - however Order will still be Unshipable.

  • Reserved Stock now shows a RED DOT against the relevant stock group if NO FLAG assigned - makes locked stock more visible direct from Explorer window.

  • Update/Change in functionality in Sales to stock legend now passes only the TYPED keys - not autocompleted text which only matches ONE result.

  • Improved message feedback in backup error cases.

  • UDF import now with increased limit to 200 characters from 100.

  • Fix in EDI Adaptor limited Item Description to 65 characters.

  • Fixed issue with STF import allowing NON-INVENTORY item codes now blocks these with a warning.

  • Double Click on file attachments now reports errors correctly.

  • Corrected receiving issue when LOT NUMBER editing enabled causes receives less that 1.0 to round down to zero and force serial list mode.

  • Reduced DISCOUNT % to ONE DECIMAL PLACE to avoid strange rounding based discounts - base price is recalculated instead when total price is changed.

  • Fixed issue with SALES/RETURN create of PDF was not referencing Workspace correctly.

  • Removed creation of Archive PDF when creating PDF attachments for Drag and Drop to improve performance and fixed issue with temporary folder.

  • Changed temp folder to always use the WORKSPACE defined REPORTS path as temporary folder - ensure all users have r/w/full control access to this folder.

Release - 1.7.141

  • Carrier Interface for Auto Creating Consignment files - initial implementation using StarTrack.

  • Sale Addressing Re-mapping to standard fields per Street1/2, Suburb, City, Postcode, Country, DeliverTo fields in Sale Table.

  • Shipping Confirm form now supports CON note scan and Scan of SO# to add a despatch transaction to ship list.

  • Shipping Confirm now displays Invoice or Transfer Reference Number.

  • Shipping Method now available for selection when creating a Supplier Purchase / ReOrder.

  • Sale Order INVOICE Number is now shown in the Pick Form details area in BOLD.

  • Non Inventory can now be set to fractional from the Item Settings without reverting back due to replicator issue and global setting.

  • REMOVED Allow NonInventory as fractional global setting in Inventory Preference Tab.

  • SPOT Rate now to 6 decimal places from 4 to improve rounding accuracy.

  • Updated Installer to include New Supplier Proforma / Updated Analyse Report Forms (must be customised).

  • Fixed WMS Plus invoicing issue which fails if Batch Summary was turned off or set to use comment line.

  • Fixed issue with WMS PLUS ALERTS not re-invoicing to MYOB - note Closed Orders will throw error in status reporter but should still work.

  • BackOrder UOM - Any Item with a UOM other than 1 will have incorrect BackOrder Comment Quantity - update now converts to Comment UOM which may cause rounding issues. To fix this set \c Comment to FRACTIONAL (item details and tick Allow Fractional).

  • BackOrder Description Line is now set to Line Description instead of item description which did not contain sales specific information for the backorder line.

  • Sale to Purchase Order - Same Item in sales will now create a new line with same item in Purchase Order for example Labour Description#1, Labour Description#2. This allows Sales Orders to be setup as Proforma Purchase Order Templates.

  • Stock Ordering Item(s) not showing when searched - Fixed issue where SALE ITEMS ONLY were selected for the backorder stock legend instead of PURCHASE ITEMS ONLY. Now lookup shows IBUY ONLY items.

  • Failed to post Purchase Order - when using Proforma Orders will create a Purchase Request which can be Resent to MYOB later.

  • Warning when user tries to create a Purchase Order in Sales Register from Quote - This is not allowed.

  • Fixed use Build Date as posting date for workorders - preference was not being stored so would never post to replicator.

  • Basestock UDF size extended from 100 to 250.

Release - 1.7.135

  • Create Transfer from Order (Pick/Sale) allows a transfer to be created by right clicking a single order (sale/check-out/transfer).

  • Added ReferralSource to the Sales and Despatch register to be used for custom Workflow field. ObjectProperty = ReferralSource Field = RFS_Description Type = String.

  • Added PurchaseRaised to the Sales register to indicate visually PO exists created from Sale Order. ObjectProperty = PurchaseRaised Field = PurchaseRaised Type = Icon.

  • Receiving Report Criteria causes report to fail fixed by removing a BLOCKED location.

  • Added GetProductID() to DTMYOBConnect to verify connected product.

  • Enhanced Logging of MYOB connection transaction to use MYOBLog.TXT.

  • Fixed issue with GetMYOBPath returning error with updated error handler.

  • Changed option to Test MYOBP.EXE is running and block - setting Prefs XML option to FALSE will skip test allow use running MYOBP.exe file.

  • OnHold now recorded with Count SnapShot.

  • Fixed issue with OnHold and Committed in purchasing re-order when Suppress Re-Order Rules Off.

  • User default location set in Purchasing Manager/Stock ReOrder for ITEMS to ensure correct location based MIN MAX triggered.

  • NON-INVENTORY ITEMS show as NSA for WorkOrder Status now fixed to show as RTP correctly - would still allow picking just confusing.

  • Modified EDI module to use a resume next when Importing/Exporting fails for a single order allowing it to continue.

  • Updated NON-GS1 or non-conforming GLN customers to populate the Invoice Address with SHIP TO or BILL TO if not available.

  • Workspace.XML will only writeback if one or more paths are not defaulted correctly.

  • Combine Orders bugfix to truncate the comment to 255.

  • Updated Prefs.XML (colour selection), RPT_AnalyseSales.rpt/AnalyseStock.rpt/LostSales.rpt

  • New installer upgrade path option added should allow automatic upgrade by just launching installer no need to uninstall.

Release - 1.7.133

  • CTRL+L - Lookup sometimes freezes and due to multiple instances loading - added a semaphore to improve blocking.

  • DATE FORMAT ISSUE - system or myob date format goes into US format causing sales to invoice incorrectly - block overnite invoice replicate.

  • Use Default Bin bias bug fix in Pick Routine - not correct for single quantities.

  • Purchasing small value items failed to calculate Tax Inc/Exc and extended line - now corrected. (may still have minor rounding issues)

  • Only Superuser can convert Quote to Order for Credit Hold.

  • Sales Tax Inc failed due to Total Line price edit update feature.

  • New UP/DOWN arrow editing feature for UNITS, QTY, PRICE INC/EXC and TOTAL.

  • Kit price fails due to Total Line price edit (unable to reproduce - see Total Amount edit fix).

  • Assembly status part-picked when fully picked - rounding issue due to previous precision extension update - now corrected.

  • FormsDesigner blank design form on first load required a resize event to paint correctly - now fixed - and improved Zoom handling.

  • Namespace for WMS now OVERRIDES the DATAPELWMS DSN and is created on the fly for the correct workspace.

Release - 1.7.132

  • Sales form block edit of \c comment line $.

  • Sales form now supports ADVANCED lookup which allows multiple insert of items (does not work for kits).

  • Adjustments now supports MULTIPLE Stock Group import via STF and summarises the counts.

  • Bugfix import of Raw Qty from STF would fail for items with UOM now imports correctly depending on settings. (Units or Qty)

  • Adjustment STF now supports BARCODE OR ITEM NUMBER as match, checks item number first if not found tries barcode.

  • Import Remote Sales now supports CHECK OUT when in WMS PLUS (inventory controller) Mode - related update of Preferences.

  • Updated DTStandardReports.DLL to support Crystal Reports DSN override for Side-By-Side ICXE/WMS installation.

  • Receive form now supports SCRIPTING POINT BEFORE and AFTER commit of receive.

  • Transfer reference number now fully editable.

Release - 1.7.131

  • CTRL+L - Lookup sometimes freezes and due to multiple instances loading - force close now in place.

  • DATE FORMAT ISSUE - system or myob date format goes into US format causing sales to invoice incorrectly - posts AUDIT LOG / blocks overnite replication.

Release - 1.7.130

  • Minor Update to link Stock Count module to User Preferences for UNITS in Adjustments.

Release - 1.7.129

  • UOM displayed as Qty Per UOM.

  • Focus jumping to Column/Row 1,1 fixed.

  • New Prefs.XML Tag Boolean default False hides the special CUOM and Count fields used for different Unit Of Measure based Counting.

  • Now Requires Superuser access to delete a Stock Take Event.

  • Unit Column responds to UP and DOWN arrow.

  • General UOMQty all using BuyUOMQty, UOM column shows number of units per measure e.g. 6/6PK or 12/CTN.

  • RPT_CountSession.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_SnapDuplicate.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_CountVariance.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_CountException.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_CountDuplicate.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_CountTag.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

  • RPT_SnapException.rpt reformatted and UOM updates.

Release - 1.7.127

  • Speed improvement - Added Load All Details… option to Detail View - now only populates first 200 valid stock recordsMin.

  • Print Labels always referenced CustomField#1 - updated to use setting including UDF1.

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