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-239 : Record ID may not be blank
-239 : Record ID may not be blank

Record ID Error

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This error is reported in the status reporter when a transaction is rejected during import to MYOB.

This occurs when the import file is corrupted and most often when special characters such as the tab key are used in a data field, most commonly caused by copying data with special characters and pasting into the WMS forms.

Detail Steps

1. Please delete and retype the data such as addresses manually and try to send the transaction again.
In some cases the data is pasted into MYOB fields which contain the special characters (they cannot be seen in the WMS or MYOB but they may still be there).
2. Please be sure to check Item names, Customer addresses, Notes and comments fields as these are the most common error fields.
While we try to work with most special characters some special characters still manage to cause errors in MYOB.

Also, could try to reboot the server as there might be some issues with the schedule task or connection to MYOB.

Related Information

If you have attempted to re-enter the text fields manually without special characters and attempted to resend to MYOB but still receive the same error code, please contact Datapel Support for further assistance.

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