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New Cards record ID management
New Cards record ID management

Updating Card Id in MYOB

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This article explains how to update Card ID in MYOB.

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WMS has an option to create Customer and Supplier cards directly via WMS.

This action will generate unique Card ID starting with W to identify this card was created in WMS.

Once card arrives in MYOB, Card ID field can be edited if customer prefer their own record number.

Steps how WMS assigns unique card record ID:

Step 1: Ensure supplier or customer card do not exist in MYOB.
​Step 2: Go to Tools > Locate Customer > New Customer > Create card in WMS.

​Step 3: Run maintenance replication / nightly replication to sync card/s to MYOB.
​Step 4: Login to MYOB and locate card.

Step 5: Change/ Edit Card id field (if required).

Step 6: Perform Fast replication or individual card replication in WMS.

Related Information

Available from version v10.2.179 and above.

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