Item Details shows LOT ID as 0 Error

Item Details shows LOT ID as 0 Error

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This document explains how to fix error when Lot ID displays as 0 instead of actual LOT numbers in Item Details view after Transfer completion.

Detail Steps

Example of Error:

1. Perform Single line transfer using WMS Velocity.

2. Go to WMS -Transfer Register, the transaction is CLOSED, drill to source to view transfer order, you can see that the LOT number is ZERO but it is appeared in Transfer Register detail (bottom).

3. Right click jump to item, the LOT number also shows ZERO. It should be showing lot number (eg:17050801).


Below steps should be performed under Datapel Support's supervision:

Setting to be done in WMSConsole.exe.config file:

AcquireLOT set to TRUE under Transfer module in the config file.

<!-- Config for Transfer -->
<add key="TransferAcquireLot" value="True"/>

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