Wireless FTP setup

Wireless FTP setup

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The following Procedure describes how the DENSO BHT300 unit can be manually set to transfer files using the FTP option. This document assumes the reader is familiar with general IT Networking terminology and it is recommended that all setup be done in coordination with your IT Consultant.

This procedure assumes the wireless network settings of the BHT300 have been entered and SITE SURVEY works with the Access Point as required in the System Menu of the scanner.

Detail Steps

Enter the system menu on the scanner by pressing SF + 1 then press PW (Power) while the scanner is in the OFF state.

Refer to the Denso User Manual for more information. This document can be downloaded as PDF through searching in the Knowledge base with keyword DENSO.

Follow these instructions to setup the scanner for wireless access.

1. From the system menu press 4 for “SET SYSTEM” and ENT.

2. Press 9 and ENT for the “TCP/IP” option.

3. Press 2 and ENT for the “SET FTP” option.

4. Press 1 and ENT for the “SERVER” option.

5. Press ENT to enter the Server IP address - this should be the connect ip address.

6. Press the ENT Key Once the IP address is entered.

7. Press 2 to enter the USER ID - we recommend Datapel Use the SF key to type in Alpha codes and click the same number key to cycle through each letter and case.

8. Follow the same steps to enter the password.

9. Press the C Key to go back to the SET FTP menu.

10. Power OFF the Handheld and then ON and return to the Main System Menu.

11. Press 7 and ENT for “FTP”.

12. Press 1 and ENT to DOWNLOAD FILES from the FTP Server.

13. Press 2 and ENT to UPLOAD FILE to the FTP Server Downloading from FTP allows you to manually update program files (.PD4).

Uploading allows you to move datafiles (DAT) created by the handheld back to the server for processing. For example, the STKTAKE.DAT contains the last set of stock take scans and once sent to the server can be manually loaded into the stock taking module and uploaded as an STF file.

Related Information

Check with Datapel to ensure you have the latest PD4 files for your DENSO scanner as these program updates must be manually applied to your handheld device.

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