M3 Green Scanner setup for WMSConsole

M3 Green Scanner setup for WMSConsole

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This document explains M3 green MC6500 Scanner configuration and setup.

You will need:

  • Download all the attachments below prior to starting.

  • Scanner

  • Cradle

  • USB Cable

  • Power Supply

  • Any Barcode to scan for testing/ customers real barcodes are ideal

  • Your Wireless Network Settings

  • The console and Telnet service Running on your server / PC with fixed Local IP.

  • Wireless LAN with DHCP Ip assigning

Detailed Steps

Check the Telnet service is running within your network.

  1. On a PC connected to the network.

  2. Go to Start, CMD.exe.

  3. Type "Telnet (Your Telnet Host IP)".

  4. If telnet is not running review your telnet setup prior to continuing.

Connect the device to your PC.

  1. Put device in cradle.

  2. Connect power supply to cradle and switch on.

  3. Connect USB cable to cradle then to PC.

  4. Windows Mobile Center should auto load, if not run attachment "WMDC.exe".

  5. Select "Connect without setting up your device".

Replace the startup config file

  1. Select "File Management" then "Browse the contents of your device".

  2. Navigate to "Computer\WindowsCE\Flash Disk\Startup".

  3. Replace file with below "M3.INI".

Setup Wavelink Telnet Software

  1. Download and Run "wltn_gen_armv4_7_1_00_as.exe".

  2. Run Created Shortcut "Wavelink GEN40 TelnetCE".

  3. Select "Import/Export Settings".

  4. Select "Import (load) emulation settings saved in a file".

  5. Select your downloaded "EmulationArchive.wltna" file (this contains both termcfg.bin and hostcfg.bin).

Enter variable Telnet Settings

  1. Click Host Profiles.

  2. Select "Datapel".

  3. Enter Telnet Host IP (the server or PC that is hosting telnet should have a fixed local IP).

  4. Click OK.

Load Wavelink and settings to device

  1. Select "Application and Config".

  2. Click "Yes" x 2.

  3. ....waiting, you may need to click OK on scanner.

  4. New Icon appears on desktop of scanner.

Launch and test

  1. Reset the scanner by briefly pressing the rear reset button (DO NOT HARD RESET (a hard reset is done by holding down the button for more than 4 seconds)).

  2. Ensure the device is connected to the network and has a valid within range network IP assigned by the network via DHCP.

  3. Double click "TelnetCE".

  4. Enter to connect, enter user ID and password.

  5. Test scanning and general functionality.

Related Information

This device does not support WPA2-PSK network security. During setup we used WAP-PSK and were successful.

Scanner button is on side of scanner.

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