Zone Picking

Zone Picking

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This article describes how different persons can pick different Zones.

Detail Steps

In WMS you can allocate up to 16 Zones.

How to add Zones in WMS:

Step 1. Open Tools > Locations > Manage details.

Step 2. Select Location > Manage Bins.

Step 3. For every Bin, you can allocate Zone.


Please contact Datapel if you want to add Zone field on Picking docket.

How to allocate User to Zone:

Step 1. Login as Superuser.

Step 2. Open Tools > User Management.

Step 3. Select User. e.g. scanning

Step 4. Select Set Privileges.

Step 5. Find ''Scan and Pick'' and assign Zone or multiple Zones for user and Record.


Scan user need to have Administrative access level.

How WMS assigns Zones to scanner user:

Step 1: All Default Bins need to have Zones selected.

Step 2: WMS sorts Items by Zones and then selected Zones available to all scanner users who have Zones assigned via User Management.

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