Integration Overview

Integration Overview

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EDI / Remote Sales

The WMS supports input and output of information electronically, this enables us to support most EDI scenarios.

Datapel does not provide document conversion or FTP hosting services and as such a VAN (Value Added Network) provider will be involved in the integration.

The VAN can be chosen by the customer and will directly charge the customer for their services. For a list of available VANs, please contact your Datapel consultant.

Should you wish to use a VAN not in our current listing you may, however, charges may be slightly higher in these cases.

Detail Steps

The WMS supports two types of interactions, UN/EDIFACT standard (PO and ASN only) or XML (Datapel standard).

Document Types Available

PO - Purchase order from customer

FA - Confirmation to customer for the Receipt of Order

POA - Acknowledgement of order details, shipping availability and alerts any errors found

POC - PO update or purchase order changes from customer to supplier

ASN - Advanced shipping Notice - details of shipment to customer on sending the order

INV - Invoice details - sent on closing of order to MYOB - similar information to ASN

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